7 DIY Hacks with CDs That You Can Try to Make Your Place Look Beautiful

Take a look at some crazy ideas to create wall clock and other arts from CDs. All things are easy to make and do not take more time.

7 years ago
7 DIY Hacks with CDs That You Can Try to Make Your Place Look Beautiful

A few years ago, CDs were the biggest entertaining source for everyone. People used to have a huge collection of CDs. Be it music, films, or games, CDs were widely used. But with technology, a lot has changed. People now use mobile phones or other smart devices to connect with music and games. And CDs have lost their existence.

But what to do with the box of CDs that you still have? Let it dust in your room, or to try something amazing from it? What sounds best to you?

Take out your box of scratched and old CDs and try these amazing things like wall clock, coasters, CD mirror, and more.

1. Wall Clock

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Are you ready to turn your CDs into a wall clock?  To make a wall clock, you will require:

  • CDs (15-17 CDs)
  • Scissors
  • Markers
  • Glue or hot glue gun
  • Screwdriver
  • Old craft clock mechanism

Place a CD at the center and join the other 4 CDs with popsicle sticks to hold the CDs.

Source = Instructables

Next, add more CDs on each of the corners and between the two sticks. Now add more CDs, i.e., add the third layer on each of the CDs like the same way.

Source = Instructables

Now attach the clock mechanism to the center of your CD clock. You are done. Your wall clock is ready.

Source = Instructables

Tip -  You can paint CDs with different colors to make it more beautiful.

2. Mosaic Pattern Collar

Source = Earthporm

Cut the CD into small pieces. You can cut the pieces in similar shapes or different shapes. Collect the pieces and stick them on the collar of your shirt or sleeves with the help of glue.

Wow! That’s amazing plus easy.

3. CD Wall Decorations

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How about decorating the walls from CDs? Sounds great.

Take old CDs, and paint a different form of art that you know. If you don’t know any form of art, draw anything that you can to make it look beautiful, or search the videos on the internet.

Tip: Choose the same color shades if you are putting the CDs on the same wall.

4. The Desk CD Lamp

Source = Imgur

Bend a strong piece of wire into a wide base (round shape) and leave the space for the electrical cord. Stack around 15-20 CDs on top of it. It is done.

Can you even imagine creating a night lamp from CDs?

5. Coasters

Source = Dexecure

Make decorative coasters from old CDs. Use colorful fabrics or cut small pieces of old sarees or dress and paste on CDs. You can also create beautiful designs on CD. Aren’t they looking beautiful?

What’s amazing is that you can customize the designs according to your taste. Place them on your coffee table, office, or bedroom. The designing ideas are endless, do your best, and impress others.

6. A Beautiful Art Piece with CD and Egg Shells

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Have you ever wondered that eggshells can also be used in designing an art? Take a CD and broken eggshells. Arrange the shells on the CD and paste them with glue. Now paint the shells with any design or draw a face, sceneries, or anything you want. Stick this CD on the wall of your room or hall to make the area more appealing.

7. CD Mosaic Frame

Source = Blogspot

All you need is glue, a regular frame, CDs, fabric paint, and thin cardboard.  Arrange the broken pieces of CDs and glue them on the front side of the frame. Keep doing this and set design. Use fabric paint to outline the pieces making it attractive. Enjoy this easy CD mosaic frame and decorate your room.

You can also put a mirror in the middle to make it a picture frame.

Final Words

While many of us still have CDs at home, others throw them thinking they are of no use. If you like recycling ideas, try out these CD projects and reuse CDs. If you think designing this beautiful art is a bit difficult, then how about creating a toy butterfly for kids with recycled materials? This way, they will learn how to use recycled materials and to make the earth a better place to live.

Out of these DIYs, which one do you like the most? Would you ever try to make a wall clock out of old CDs? Do you have other ideas on how you can create a clock wall or anything from CDs? If so, share them below.


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