Scrying Mirror – How To Make One & Know The Rules To Use

Have you ever noticed or read about a divination tool in movies or fictions? Yes, the same which is used to look into past, present and future lives.

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Scrying Mirror – How To Make One & Know The Rules To Use

‘Scrying’ the term details about the practice of peeping into a medium in the hope of revealing messages or vision. The intention of doing scrying might be an inspiration or just revelation but during the ancient times, the scrying is practiced in the form of prediction or future telling. This practice is still popular in novels and many websites. Scrying mirror, or magic mirror or a black scrying mirror, is a strong metaphysical tool basically created to disclose the hidden secrets and act as a portal to another level of existence in the universe.

Nostradamus was one of the famous scrying mirror users, who could easily tell the future events just by staring into the mirror. (5.1)

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How To Make Scrying Mirror

Earlier, the scrying mirrors were made of brass, tin foil, polished silver, marcasite, and obsidian but you need the following materials to make your own scrying mirror. 

•    A transparent glass plate

•    Black Colored Paint

•    Some extra acrylic paints for decoration

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Firstly, clean the mirror with the help of glass cleaner (you may add vinegar with water). Flip the mirror so that you can spray the matte black paint over it. Let it dry for while, coat the mirror again with the black paint at least (5-6) times. Coat the mirror in a way that you can’t see through the paint if you put your mirror up to the light. 

Use those extra acrylic paints to decorate the front side of the mirror through different symbols and signs. That’s it, your mirror is ready to use it as a scrying mirror. 

Rules For Scrying Mirror

•    Always keep the mirror clean. (keep alcohol and soft cloth to clean the bag)

•    Do not let others peep in the mirror, keep it stored in silk bag when not in use. 

•    Generally, the scrying mirror is used at night. It can be used anytime, but preferably it works best during the full moon. 

•    If you are using scrying mirrors indoors, light two candles on adjacent sides of the mirror. Use colored candles according to the operation: orange is used for communication, blue for healing and purple for psychic work. 

•    Always keep the mirror on the wooden table and seat on the wooden chair in front of it. If you find comfortable seating on the floor, place asana and sit on it, and keep a mirror in front of you.

•    The place should be dark as possible, don’t allow any extra light to come over the mirror area. 

•    Keep a guide for your experiences. 

The Guide To Begin

Be prepared for what you are trying to accomplish, set the setting accordingly (as suggested above). Once you are all set, relax, be relieved of every tension exists. Know you are safe and happy, to begin with, it. 

Feel yourself that you are free from the material world, silently call your spirit guides, angelic presences or whatever you prefer. Open your eyes and stare directly into the mirror (blink if necessary). Stay alert, stare and you will notice the surface of the mirror will begin to fade. And here’s the journey into the mirror starts. Your inner eye is open now, look through inside your mind and experience the magical imagination. Just focus on the mirror and inside your mind.

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When you are done with the imagination come back to the ordinary senses, breathe deeply and remain still until you feel you are back. Flashback into the memories and write down the happenings in a journal.

Note: Messages often derive from realms and yet you don’t experience them. A bit of information doesn’t analyze anything just sit for hours and let your mind process it. (5.2)


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