This Russian Artist Weaves Mesmerizing Paintings That'll Blow Your Mind

Have you ever seen embroidered paintings? Yes, embroidered paintings! This Russian artist pushes embroidery beyond its limits and makes it look like paint. Have a look!

5 years ago
This Russian Artist Weaves Mesmerizing Paintings That'll Blow Your Mind

A very famous Spanish painter Pablo Picasso once said,

“Everything you can imagine is real.”

And, one Russian artist proved this true. Here we are talking about ‘Vera Shimunia’ who is an amazing embroidery artist from St Petersburg. She says that she imagines the needle as a brush and begins to make masterpieces of ‘Needle Painting Embroidery.’ She uses her embroidery skills to create such mind-blowing pictures that have to be seen to be believed.

For those who don't know what is ‘Needle Painting Embroidery,’ it is an art that involves intricate stitching along with a range of colorful threads on an embroidery hoop.

Most of her works comprise landscape-style paintings, and she even brings depth & dimension to elements like clouds as can be seen in her work. Moreover, it has been seen that how beautifully she experimented combinations of her embroidered artworks along with photographs and illustrations and created some surreal visuals.

The interesting fact about her art is that she is completely self-taught and also was inspired by 'love.' Vera stated in one interview,

“I just decided to try. And when I made my first embroidered piece the boy I liked (he has great taste and he is in art community) wrote to me: 'you did this?? So cool' and I decided to continue.”

Like after half a year, she brought her vision to the public. She said,

"I started to publish my embroidery experiments on Instagram and people start to write me, 'can I buy it?' And I thought - why not."

Each piece created by Shimunia covers a great range of colors like vibrant blues, deep purples, and whimsical pinks. No doubt these will transport you to some other world, inspired by nature.

She said once that the intricate detailing takes anywhere from three days to a month,

“Sometimes the picture in my head does not coincide with what I made, then I cut off treads and try again.
I am thinking about future embroidery, I am preparing the necessary materials.”

No wonder her use of colors is so unique and powerful that each piece resonates very well with reality whether it’s richly-hued mountainscapes, flowers, sunrises, skies or clouds. Many of the pieces are also crafted on palm-sized embroidery hoops by using a variety of textured threads, and these small miniatures are also very beautiful. And, for them, she uses a unified color palette over a small surface area to distinguish different landscape elements by using several stitches and knot styles that could be thin, thick, and even three-dimensional.

So, check out some of her best works here!

1. Desktop Wallpaper Look-ALike Embroidered Piece

Source = Dsigners

This is so beautiful that at first glance it looked like wallpaper, but no, it is one of Vera Shimunia ’s embroidered artwork. Isn’t it beautiful?

2. Look at the Clouds!

Source = Cdninstagram

Only one question pops up into the mind- how she does that? It's so mind-blowing that also it’s worth buying at any price. What say?

3. Colorful & Smoky Clouds!

Source = Cdninstagram

Undoubtedly these swirls of clouds are eye-catching! Just beautiful!

4. Simple & Sweet!

Source = Qpic

This flowery art makes me wanna touch it. What about you?

5. So Vibrant!

Source = Wordpress

This embroidery painting captures the vibrant beauty of nature only by using various stitches.

6. Such Bright Reflection!

Source = Curiousdoodle

Well, the way the sky reflects in the river is astonishing. Right?

7. Teeny Tiny Landscapes

And, this one is another talent showing creation which is so tiny that not even bigger than our fingertip. Just Wow!

8. The Fusion of Textile Art & Photography

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This is one of her latest works which blends textile art &  photography and creates such stunning surreal landscape that is part embroidery-sky, part photo-landscape.

9. A Dreamscape

Source = Omg

Another landscape masterpiece from the queen of embroidery painting that looks dreamy!

10. Streams of Sun Rays

Source = Pinimg

Well, look at the finish how Shimunia depicts her sky scenes with vivid colors and rich textures. It's amazing!

11. The Way She Begins

Source = Boredpanda

As an English Dramatist John Heywood says,

“A hard beginning maketh a good ending.”

So, this is how the beginning of the great masterpieces she makes looks like.

To Remember

Hence, we have seen that how the artist creatively pushes the boundaries of embroidery and uses thread to create expressive brushstroke textures and painterly blends of color. Undoubtedly her each painterly embroidered pattern is a piece of landscape art which is expertly stitched with colorful thread.

And, for those who want to buy such pieces, they are available for purchase through Etsy (everything is sold out at the moment) and those who want to see more of her work can check her Instagram account. She actively posts her work there.

Creativity Has No Boundaries!


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