10 Amazingly Beautiful & Creative Art Pieces That Are Made Out of Paper

You won’t believe that these beautiful pieces are designed with paper. An artist Charles made incredible pieces with paper that you would never see anywhere else.

7 years ago
10 Amazingly Beautiful & Creative Art Pieces That Are Made Out of Paper

What do you do with the pile of papers that you have at your home? You throw them! What else could you do? But this man designs some incredible pieces of art with the paper. Charles Young designs, cuts, and assembles paper for making the structure. When he was young, he used to make paintings based on the microscopic viral world.  All the models that he creates are designed by using 200gsm watercolor paper and  PVA Glue. Sometimes it takes him 60-75 hours to finish a single model. 

It is no doubt that artist Charles Young has amazed everyone with his incredible meticulously-crafted miniature paper metropolis. Till today, he has crafted over 700 miniatures. This includes urban monuments, carnival rides, architectural structures, and more. He creased and cut paper pieces to make beautiful structures. He even used simple stop motion animation techniques and designed moving buses, cars, and more. 

People were excited to know about this little paper world constructed by Charles Young, who followed a 365-day creative project idea to explore other architectural forms through the paper. He tried different models every single day, and this tiny metropolis has now grown to over 700 buildings. 

Scottish artist Charles Young designs incredible art pieces in his daily project Paperholm. He uploads new construction every day. So, here are some incredible paper pieces designed by Charles that could inspire you to think out of the box. 

1. Home Sweet Home

Source = I.pinimg

This is incredible! I wish I could live in this home. I wonder, how did he design this beautiful piece with paper.

2. Paper Tower

Source = Archinect.imgix

I have seen the Eiffel Tower, but this paper tower has impressed me more. 

3. A Cute Water Paper Mill Spinning at its Place

Source = Static.designboom.

This is amazing. 

4. Beautiful Night Lamp

Source = Static.designboom

Could you design this?

5. Buses Moving on the Streets

Source = Static.designboom

This is creative. 

6. A Paper Garage

Source = Static.designboom

A car moving in and out of a paper garage 

7. Can You See the Waving Flag?

Source = I.imgur

Yes, I am wondering how did he come up with this brilliant thought. 

8. Windmill and Axe Chopping a Log of Wood

Source = Static.designboom

9. Paper Tree

Source = 66.media.tumblr

Have you ever seen a paper tree? Would you buy this? Make sure that you don’t water it.

10. Roller Coaster Ride

Source = Static.designboom

Do you want to have a ride? 

The Paperholm Project Was Exhibited in 2016

The Paperholm project was exhibited for the first time at Dundee Contemporary Arts in Scotland in 2016 as a part of the NEoN Digital Arts Festival. He has constructed a vast city while designing one model at a time. 

Do you know anyone who could compete for the level of Charles Young? Here are other artists who designed paper arts from a single sheet. The art of paper cutting involves simple tools like knife, scissors, paper, and glue. But it needs a creative mind to design incredible structures like this. 

Final Words

Everyone can’t be creative. It needs patience, and most importantly, unique thinking to design something different that no one else could think of. DIY activities teach you a lot. Instead of buying things from the market, why not everyone should try designing things at home first? 

Did you like his designs? Which design of the paper impressed you the most? Would you ever try this art? Do let us know in the comments. 


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