10 Everyday Things You Can Do & Make Money while Living Your Best Life

Are you also bored with 9-5 jobs and want to have cool jobs? So, for you to know, you can make money for things you already do. Want to know how? Have a look inside!

5 years ago
10 Everyday Things You Can Do & Make Money while Living Your Best Life

There is no doubt that everyone wants to earn more & more money and if it is for the work you love then it is no less then ‘cherry on the cake.’ 

And as one famous old saying goes, 

“Do What You Love for a Living: This Is the Key to Success.” 

While the proverb is not expected to be as accurate as it seems, you’d be shocked to discover that there are people who manage to make a living by doing things every day that are otherwise free.

No wonder this digital age allows us to make money with little to no effort. And here I am talking about that kind of several things that you do on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis that you can get paid for. You truly don’t even have to work a full-time job online to benefit from all of the possible income sources out there. 

And, scroll down to see a list of websites that will pay you to do things you’re already doing such as shopping, surfing the web and many more.

1. Try Out New Chocolates

Source = Filthyrichchocolates

If not all, but most of us need a nice piece of chocolate every once in a while. And many chocolate lovers will be shocked to see, but it is true that you can get paid to taste chocolate. 

Well certainly, excessively eating chocolate is unhealthy, suggesting that tasters are required to try only minute doses or spit the chocolate out after tasting. Also, they are asked to drink water and eat crackers to clean their palate every time after tasting the chocolate. 

But don't forget you can taste many delicious chocolates at very first and will also get paid for that. In all, you can get paid to taste chocolate and eat crackers. Isn’t this the best job ever?

2. Watch Netflix All Day

Source = Techspot

Who doesn’t love watching Netflix, right? We all know that people can easily spend all their time off work on the couch watching television whether it is Netflix or other similar platforms. Many of you reading this might be among such people. 

Well, if it is, you’re in luck! There is a thing called “Netflix Tagger.” These taggers are those who get money to watch Netflix all day. These tagger people are tasked to accumulate relevant metadata which is used for Netflix’s search and category services. Another task of these workers is to decide a show’s age rating and to keep an eye out for violence or nudity. 

3. Trying Out New Chewing Gums

Source = Greatist

No doubt that eating bubblegums is another common hobby people have. Well, this is also someone’s job. Shocking, right? But it’s true there are people called Gumologists who help candy companies try out new kinds of gum and also assist in improving reviews for new projects.

Well, this is not it. You won't believe the numbers they earn. Reportedly, a person can earn up to $107,500 a year by trying out gum. A fun job it is!

4. Attend Somebody’s Wedding/Life Events

Source = Ltkcdn

Most of the people love to attend weddings. But do you know it could be one of your dream jobs? Yes, exactly. Many people out there have fewer relatives but dream of having a big storybook wedding. So, few companies hire people to pose as guests for various life events like weddings for such type of people who want really big numbers in attendance. Well, not only as random guests but people can even be hired as bridesmaids or best men. 

Also, for other life events like professional mourners at funerals, there are jobs available. Although this might seem unorthodox to you, this idea probably has roots in cultures where weddings and similar affairs were major events that involved the entire community.

5. Sleep & Sleep

Source = Thriveglobal

It is the only job you can do while sleeping because you are earning money by sleeping. Dream job, right? Well must say, any job really can’t get easier than this. And, you know the best part- even if one person is not a heavy sleeper, it is OK because professional sleepers are also sometimes required to take medicine to induce sleeping where sleeping must be done over long periods. 

But are you thinking why people get hired to sleep? Well, some reasons are testing out beds, scientific studies, and even special art shows. 

6. Get Paid for Being Somebody’s Friend

Source = Tallypress

Who says money can’t buy friends? Funny to hear, right? But true! There are many lonely people out there who have lots of money to spare and are also ready to pay some money to have somebody’s company. And these are entirely platonic, friendly connections.

Do you want to know how? So, there are places like Rent-A-Friend which permit people to become registered “friends” and can also earn money by people who want some company now and then. Not only people pay their “friends” directly but also the website charges people to use the service. 

Well, not only friends but there are companies in Japan that allow people to rent out entire families.

7. Get Paid for Listening Music

Source = Bizz

Listening to music is another everyday thing that can make you rich. Don't believe it? Seriously, there are quite a few applications that will pay you to listen to music like MusicXray, Slicethepie, HitPredictor, FusionCash, and Welocalize. But how? So answer is many of these places as ask you to transcribe them or write reviews about the music. Also, some apps pay you to write the lyrics of the songs. Nice job, right?

8. Take Photos and Sell Them

Source = Promoneyinfo

As everyone has a smartphone nowadays, it is easy to take a snap. And, a lot of people out there love to play with their camera phones. But do you know, you can make money out of it. Truly, some people do make a little money from the random photos they take. 

There are some Microstock sites like iStockPhoto or Shutterstock who buy photos from hobbyist photographers by taking them on as a contributor. Usually, the contributor uploads a picture for no cost but, the site gets a percentage of each sale.

9. Share Your Shopping Habits for Money

Source = Aurawealth

What? How? Shocking! But many market research companies give money to find out where and how consumers are shopping or try to find out about the shopping habits of people. They also use several apps to gather this data and pay for it. So, all you have to do is download them and go about your day.

For example, apps like SavvyConnect and Nielson Computer, MobileXpression (for Android and iPhone) and Mobile Panel track your online habits and also pay you for that. So, this helps market researchers recognize and follow trends.

While some apps pay cash, others offer rewards. Like Nielson Computer and Mobile Panel pays around $50 a year, but with SavvyConnect, you can earn about $5 per device per month (up to $180 a year).

10. Taking Care of Hedgehogs

Source = Vetbabble

It may not be an everyday thing but a cute and easy way to earn money. Hedgehogs are one beloved pet around, and many people love taking care of them in the wild. So, Suffolk Wildlife Trust, a wildlife group, hires “hedgehog officers” to help monitor local hedgehogs and make sure they are safe in the town of Ipswich in England. The officers also require to promote hedgehog awareness to the local people.

So, if you love spending time with animals, apply for the job. Have Fun!

Thoughts to Remember

Hence, we have seen ways to make money with little to no effort. Glad we have apps, savvy shopping strategies, and basic investment tools to make extra cash without doing much. This article shows how a lot of every day or fun things can help you earn a little extra money on the side. 

Don't these ways sound practical and easy enough to make money that we don't even have to perform money prayers?

Well if you want to share any fun jobs that people can earn money out of? Share with us in the comment section!

So If You’re Already Doing It, Why Not Earn Money Doing It?


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