10 Most Exclusive Expensive Sneakers Ever

Are you a sneakerhead? Or are you the one who loves to collect and wear the most exclusive and authentic sneakers every time you move out of your house? For the fashionistas, here are the most expensive sneakers you will love to wear.

6 years ago
10 Most Exclusive Expensive Sneakers Ever

Sneaker fever has gripped the world market. Fashion craze is increasing among the people all around the world. Be it stilettos for women or sneakers for men it has gripped the world's economy. Thus the price of sneakers hiked and still, people are purchasing the valuable sneakers. Sneakers are the most comfortable footwear than the stilettos. Therefore fashionistas are ready to spend their money on these pair of sneaker.

The deadstock sneakers have boomed the market with its thriving resell community. Companies are making huge profits with the resale of sneakers worldwide. If you are looking to purchase the authentic and valuable sneakers in the world market, then your cravenness will end here. Passionate sneaker lovers, this ultimate collection is only for you all. Definitely, these sneakers are a symbol of excellence and style. So get ready to choose your exclusive sneaker.

Adidas, Air Jordan, and Nike sneakers have buzzed the market and they seemingly make more noise among the sneaker lovers. Most of the people love to wear branded sneakers rather than the local made. So people always keep an eye over branded sneakers which look ultimate when worn for parties and outside works.

For all Fashionistas, here is a collection of most valuable sneakers you will find in the world market :

1) Nike Air Mag

Source = Nicekicks

If you are carrying around $37000 dollars in your hand then this is definitely an eye catching sneaker. This is the replica of the sneaker wore by the Michael J Fox. Tinie Tempah bagged the first pair put up for auction, reportedly paying £28,995 for them.

2) Nike Dunk High LE (WU-TANG)

Source = Mensxp

These exclusive Nike pairs were released in 1999 and are said that it never reached the retail stores. The authentic pair was sold for $15000 dollars in the world. Making it expensive sneakers in the world.

3) Air Yeezy 2 Red October

Source = Marketingregistrado

One of ridiculous bidding wars resulted in 13 million prices of these sneakers. Who has such an amount of money to spend it on sneakers? The owner of the sneakers was signed by Kanye West signed shoes with $ 98000 which turn it down.

4) Gold Air Jordan

Source = Mensxp

This golden pair was sold for $6000 dollars. Although the customers who purchased the gold dunks were not traced. But these legitimately golden sneakers are heavy but still, there are people who can easily afford them.

5) Nike Air Foamposite

Source = Kicksonfire

These sneakers will make your wallet a  little lighter or can charge up your credit card. These sneakers are stylish and comfortable. You may purchase them at worth £1159. No doubt these sneakers will be loved by sneakerheads. Their bright colors are really an attraction for all.

6) UNDFTD X Air Jordan 4

Source = Theidleman

This sneaker got a lot of appreciation from customers all around the world due to its amazing and lovely design. Although they were in limited edition still people are willing to purchase them for resale at worth £11,598.

7) Rick Owens Geo Basket

Source = Gstatic

If some of the eminent personalities such as Madonna, Rihanna can wear these products then you can also wear them. The worth price of this sneaker is $5152 which is affordable. This sneaker is in brown color with little edition available at Geo Basket. Thi exotic piece looks fabulous with the contrasting white color.

8) Balmain High Top & Double Strap

Source = Lystit

The silver sneaker goes up to ankles and has a rubber sole. They are made up of leather and have velcroed silver straps. If metallic silver is your choice then these can be purchased at $1475 as you will not find any fault in it. They are affordable sneakers and are durable for a long run.

9) Jimmy Choo Belgravia High Tops & Star Studded

Source = Luxedb

This sneaker consists of the leather suede and canvas upper body. To make it attractive the manufacturer has added some star on it. This sneaker is of worth $2350. If you are willing to purchase them then you must. They are made in Italy.

10) Nike Dunk Low Pro SB ‘Paris’

Source = Flightclub

it is not just a footwear but a piece of art. This beautiful sneaker comes with a price tag of $3500. If you are looking for something different and wanna stand out in the crowd. Purchasing these sneakers can be a bold step.

These sneakers will definitely make you feel good and make you more stylish and comfortable but you cannot have them.


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