10 Must-Know Body and Mind Hacks to Lead a More Productive & Smarter Life

Do you know if you eat with the non-dominant hand, then you eat less? Know more amazing tips that would help you live your life smartly.

4 years ago
10 Must-Know Body and Mind Hacks to Lead a More Productive & Smarter Life

How often do you search for life hacks to make your life better? Often, right? Did they help you? Of course, yes. Sometimes when you think doing any task would take time, these hacks help you in completing it in lesser time. While some people look for parenting hacks to become a better parent, others search for kitchen hacks and travel hacks to save their time. 

Be it a kid or adult: life hacks are for everyone. Whether you are a student, parent, or a professional, hacks make everyone’s life better. Earlier, people used to avoid this fact that the mind has a strong connection with physical health. But now, with the improvement in technology and science, people have started believing that minds have a strong influence over health. Also, several body hacks have proved this. 

Take a look at a few interesting tips and hacks that could help you deal with situations differently. 

1. If You Have a Toothache, Then Apply Ice on Hand!

Source = Sabkadentist

If you ever have a toothache, then apply ice on your hand. Massage the ice between thumb and index finger, and you will see the toothache will reduce after doing this. Have you ever tried this hack before? 

2. Sleep After You Have Learned Something New

Source = Ctfassets

Several studies have shown that if you sleep after you have learned something or read a book, then you remember it for a longer time than you stay awake. Next time, if you have an exam, then sleep after you finished reading. 

3. Do Meditation to Rewire Your Brain

Source = Incimages

Meditation is the best way to unload negative thoughts. Yoga and meditation allow you to accept failures and to face reality. So, if you have emotional baggage, then do meditate and let the emotions go away. 

4. Use Non-Dominant Hand to Eat Less

Source = Toiimg

When you eat pizza or any of your favorite food, then controlling your hunger becomes challenging. But, if you want to stop munching, then use your non-dominant hand to eat. 

According to studies, if you use your non-dominant hand, then you eat less. If you love snacking but couldn’t control munching, then try this hack. 

5. Eat Chewing Gum to Focus

Source = Indiatvnews

Do you know why athletes and players eat chewing gum during their match? Chewing gum increases concentration and helps them stay focus on a task for a longer period. 

Also, people who eat chewing gum have quicker reaction time and share accurate results. 

6. Write Down Emotions to Perform Better

Source = Insider

You would be amazed to know this, but this trick works best when you have an exam. To score good, write down your emotions and anxiety on a paper. Tests are stressful for many people. Writing about anxiety has helped several students to perform better in the exam. 

7. Press Tongue Against the Back of Your Teeth to Control Sneezing

Source = Toiimg

Ever happen when you want to sneeze, but that’s not a good place or right time. To prevent sneeze in any situation, press your tongue against the back of the teeth. Some people even believe that saying odd words right (for example, pickles) distracts you from sneezing. 

8. Sleep on Left Side to Reduce Discomfort

Source = Sleepscore

Several reasons have been linked with acid reflux. One of the major reasons revealed is when a person sleeps on the right side, then he/she experience acid reflux. 

It is so because when you lay right side, the stomach gets higher than the esophagus and allows gravity to cause the acid reflux. If you sleep on the right side, then change your position for better sleep. 

9. Improve Your Listening by Hearing With Right Ear

Source = Fluentin3months

If you ever have trouble hearing a conversation because of background noises and different interruptions, then lean in your right ear to listen better. 

According to research, the right ear is better in picking the rhythms of the speech. The left ear is better in hearing musical tones. 

10. Perform the Difficult Task First in the Morning

Source = Lifehack

It is a human tendency to start with the easier work and then to spend time on those projects that are difficult. But doing this affects productivity adversely. A study suggests that people should do difficult work first. It will make them productive for the rest of the day. 

Final Words 

Following hacks not only saves your time but also makes you learn something new. If you often look for hacks, then these online-shopping hacks and management hacks could make your life productive. 

How many of the above hacks did you know before? Do you know other hacks or tips that could make your life better? If yes, then don’t forget to share them.


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