10 Psychology & Mind Tricks That Actually Work

Hack into someone’s mind by applying these simple psychology tricks. These will make your life pretty easier and will get things done without much struggle.

5 years ago
10 Psychology & Mind Tricks That Actually Work

In everyday life, you can make your life easier and get things done by applying some really basic and simple psychology tricks that are tried, tested, and true. So here are some of them that actually work in the practical world we live in.

1. When You Want to Find Out if Someone’s Stalking You

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Have you ever had that feeling of being watched but you are not sure about it? Just try to fake a yawn and then look at your suspected stalker. And as yawning is contagious, they’ll yawn and you’ll know they’ve been watching you.

2. When You Want Your Friend to Carry Something That You Don’t Want to

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Let’s say you and your friend went shopping, and you’re carrying the stuff. If you don’t feel like carrying it and want your friend to carry it, what you gotta do is engage them in talking while handing over the bag to them. Most of the people automatically take the bag without giving a thought but some might get confused.

3. When You’re at a Party or Meeting

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If you want to know the kind of relationships people share, crack a joke and notice the people laughing around you. You’ll observe that the people who feel close to each other start looking at each other.

4. Teach Something to Learn Better

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The best way of learning something is by teaching that to someone. This amazing mind trick works wonders when you want to acquire a new skill or knowledge.

5. When You’ve to Walk Through a Crowd

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  1. You can pretty easily avoid the awkward sidewalk shuffle by steadily gazing over a person’s shoulder or between people’s heads in a group. Your gaze gives the person a hint of where you’re heading toward. This will either lead to creating a space for you or drifting towards the opposite side.

6. When You Want People to Take You Seriously

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Getting people to take you seriously isn’t a piece of cake. If you want it to happen, just tell them that your father taught you so. That's because people believe fatherly advice without giving a second thought.

7. When You Want People to Get Attracted to You

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Remembering someone’s name in the first meeting and even using it in the following conversation can make you look incredibly attractive and wonderful.

8. When You’re Going for a Handshake

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In your first meeting with someone, just make sure that your hand is warm if you’re going to have a handshake. A warm handshake makes you appear much more trustworthy, while a cold one is a sign of distrust.

9. When You Want to Mess With Someone Counting Something

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When someone’s counting something and you just want to mess it up, utter a set of numbers in order rather than uttering random numbers. And what you’ll soon discover is that their brain has caught onto your pattern.

10. When You’re Talking to Someone, Watch Out for Their Feet

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By observing someone’s feet, one can often find out what’s going in their head. For instance, when you’re approaching two people talking to each other, you better leave them alone if they don’t turn their feet. And someone might be wanting to escape when someone’s feet point away from you.

PS: You don’t need a psychologist to help you apply these simple mind tricks in real life!


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