10 Startling Things You Should Know About Whistle

Whistle is a thing which produces sound. While whistling is an act by which a people breathe through their lips. Here are certain facts about whistles which we might not know.

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10 Startling Things You Should Know About Whistle

A whistle is an instrument which produces sound with a stream of air. It can be operated by mouth or by pressure. Whistles vary in size from small to large multi piped church organ. Whistles produce very pure and clean sound which can attract anyone towards it.

Since ages, whistles have enchanted many people and because of this many wind instruments were inherited from it. With a rapid increase in technological advancement, whistles were also developed in different shapes and sizes according to the need.

A whistle is an instrument which produces sound with air. Whistles can be used as a language to converse with the people. From sports activity to signaling in a traffic light, from music to art whistles have created their own importance in the hearts of children as well as adults.

Here are some interesting facts about Whistle which you might not Know:

1) Tin Whistle

Source = Celticmusicinstruments

The first whistle was created in 1843 by Robert Clarke who decided to make it for living after he left his job following a disagreement with the employee. The first tin whistle made by him was small in size and had a high pitch.

The first whistle was sold in the handcart where Robert used to prepare in front of the customers before playing the sound so as to gain their interest towards it.

2) Penny Whistle

Source = Thomann

The tin whistle was also known as the penny whistle because musician used to produce the sound with it in order to earn pennies. Thus the street performers named it as Penny Whistle. It was an alternative name for the Clarke Tin Whistle.

3) Clarke D Whistle

Source = Soarvalleymusic

This whistle was invented in late 1980’s. It attracted the musician folks because its key plays better along with fiddles. Thus musician’s started using them to enhance and glorify the occasion with the sensational sound produced by Clarke D Whistle.

4) Clarke Sweetone

Source = Clarketinwhistle

As the name suggests this kind of whistles produce melodious sounds which make pleasant atmosphere all around. It is generally used by the children to play and sometimes even professionals used them to change the aura into sweet and soft sound.

5) Pea Whistle

Source = Qcs

Pea Whistle is the modern style whistle which was inspired by Hudson’s violin. The small pea was made up of natural or synthetic cork. It was placed in the middle of the pea chamber and was used to manipulate the string of air when it was blown. With time even pealess whistles came in the market for being more durable and reliable.

6) Whistling At Work

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Whistling is a way to show the person’s mood whether it is happy or sad. People who whistle at work are considered to be disturbing elements. It is because they create a nuisance and break the silence with their unusual activity.

People whistle during the work in ordr to keep their mind off from the unpleasant activity or environment. Being unaware of the fact that the sound produced by them will disturb and annoy the persons who surround them.

7) No Whistling At Night In Thailand

Source = Scoopempire

Do not whistle in the night as people in Thailand consider it to be bad luck. They believe that whistling can bring dark evil spirits who get active during the night. So if you are in Thailand then do not whistle the Billboard’s songs at night when going for strolling.

8) Whistling Illegal In Sullivan's Island

Source = Awesomejelly

One of the strangest fact about the Whistle is that Whistles are illegal on Sullivan’s Island, South Carolina. If you whistle and it disturbs the peace of the environment then there is a possibility that you may have to pay fine of worth $500. Therefore it would be better if you do not whistle especially between 11 pm to 7 am.

9) Whistling Superstition

Source = Cult

This activity is considered as unlucky and superstitious in various cultures. Actors prohibit whistling at the backstage because it can ruin the performance while sailors have a superstition that whistling will bring the wind.

Russia and Slavic people say that whistling will take your money away. While in Siberia it is considered that whistling will attract mice.

10) Whistling A Male-Dominated Activity

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Whistling has also been a male-dominated activity and if female try to do the same, they are considered as to be unfeminine. Even it was a form of sexual attraction in the ancient times.

Although it does not have any theory related to the physical features of human beings. It is usual blown by men thus has become a male-dominated activity.

These are some of the most intriguing facts about whistles which might have surprised you.


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