10+ Survival Hacks That May Save You & Your Loved Ones' Life One Day

We all know what to do before a catastrophe hits, but what about during or even after the catastrophe happens? So, here we have listed 12 life hacks that may save you & your loved ones' life.

5 years ago
10+ Survival Hacks That May Save You & Your Loved Ones' Life One Day

There is no doubt that “Precaution is better than cure” especially when we live in the era of catastrophes and natural disasters. Truly they can come in all shapes and sizes and that too anytime. Therefore it’s always better to know in advance how to cope with attacks, trauma, and disasters. Undoubtedly, a person can do things to prepare themselves before a catastrophe hits, but what about through or after the catastrophe occurs? Well, don't worry it is possible to escape from complicated situations with a minimum amount of loss or without loss at all. 

Follow these 12 survival hacks which will save your life or even the life of a loved one if you find yourself in these situations. And, the best thing is these all have been tested and tried and also have taken people out of some bad situations for sure. So, scroll down to know such life hacks!

1. If You’re Lost, Wait in One Place

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This is a very common situation and can occur to anyone. For example, if you go out for a hike, like in the woods but suddenly get lost, then don’t roam off too far. Because it is possible that people keep walking to find a way back to the main track or to find a way out, but most of the time it worsens the situation. 

Just stay near the place you last told people you were at, especially if you were in touch with somebody before losing your way. Considering that the rescue or search team will start from your last known location but if you’re not there, it will just increase the search radius and worsen the situation.

2. If Someone is Drowning, Don’t Jump in Immediately

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It is obvious that the moment we see someone drowning, we will immediately jump in and try to save them. No wonder it is a good gesture. But a small problem arises here. Whenever we reach the drowning person, they cling onto us and convert into a weight. 

If you are saving a child, it is fine, and this rule does not apply there. But when an adult is trying to save another adult, this problem could occur as the drowning person could weigh down the person doing the saving. So, don't rush. Look all around if you can find a rope or any survival tool, but if not don't hesitate to save someone’s life. 

3. Cover Your Eye If One Eye Gets Injured

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It is possible that if you are away for tracking or something and all of sudden your one eye get injured than don't panic, immediately cover that eye with your hand. Because it is possible to move the injured eye and that will make it worse as you cannot move any eye individually. This is obvious that moving the one that isn’t injured will also make the injured one move. But if you will cover one, only the one that isn’t injured will move.

4. Don’t Turn on the Lights If Someone is in Your House

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Only you know your house better than anyone else. And, if you feel like someone has broken into, stay in the dark. Because this way the thief won’t understand that you are already aware of their presence and most importantly won’t recognize in which room you are. Also, even if the place is not home and still you’re in such a situation, please try not to use any source of light as it will give away your location.

5. If Hiking Alone, Give Your Location to Someone

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It is one very important step if you ever think of going on an adventure alone. Yes, always inform somebody about your travel plans as well as about the route you will choose. You must keep your family or friends aware that where you currently are and where you’re going. So, it will be easier to locate you, if any case of emergency. Plus do carry extra food and water when you travel alone.

6. Never Put Your Feet on the Dashboard While Travelling in Car

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Always be careful that while traveling in a car, we often make a mistake of placing our feet on the dashboard for the sake of relaxing. But it is completely wrong. Yes, because if you end up in an accident or jerk even, your knees are going straight into your skull. Well, you know the rest. So, keep your feet always down and put your seatbelt on for safety as a driving tip that you shouldn’t ignore.

7. If Choking, Perform the Heimlich Maneuver

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Many times when we are eating, choking can happen like, if we suddenly laugh in mid of meal. So, the Heimlich maneuver is the first thing which comes in mind when we see someone choking. 

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In this process, we need to hold a person (who is choking) from behind as putting sudden force on their abdomen. This can dislodge whatever is stuck in their throat. One can also perform this on their own by thrusting their abdomen hard and fast into the edge of a piece of sturdy furniture.

8. If Kidnapped, Vomit

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Whenever you feel like attacked or kidnap-like situation, place two fingers in your mouth to cause your gag reflex to make yourself vomit. Little weird, right? But truly this has been used a few times by victims of kidnappings, and it worked well. The criminals always took the car to a stop and threw the person out as they vomit on them. 

9. Don't Pull the Weapon If You Get Stabbed

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If there is a situation that you get impaled or stabbed with a sharp object/weapon and it is sticking out of your body, do not attempt to remove it. Because whenever an object penetrates your skin, it forms a wound of the same size as the object. So, this makes the object act like a plug. And, if you remove it instantly, it will cause you to bleed out which will surely harm you. 

10. Get Under a Sturdy Table During an Earthquake

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If you sense earthquakes and believe you’re experiencing one then keep two things in mind. First is how long do the shakings last? Because if it doesn’t stop within 10-15 seconds, then it is going to be a pretty strong one. So, immediately get under a sturdy table or try to run outside. Secondly, if you are already outside during earthquake stay in the open and away from power lines and anything that can drop on you. 

11. Do Not Mix Bleach With Ammonia

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Many times it happens that we pour expired household cleaning products in the same spot. So, it is very important to keep in mind that never mix ammonia with bleach because the resulting solution is a very poisonous gas which can be harmful in a very short amount of time. However, get medical help immediately if inhaled or get out in the fresh air as soon as possible.

12. Stay Near Your Vehicle If Stranded

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If by any chance you feel stranded in a desert region or a snowy region and your car isn’t fine, then don’t wander off or leave your car alone. Because the first instinct one gets is to leave the car and walk towards civilization in a situation like this. However don't do this, your car is easier to spot than you, and it can also give shelter and protection to you.

Take Home Thoughts

So, here we have gathered several great tips and tricks for you and your loved ones to stay safe wherever you go. However, we truly hope that the situations we have mentioned here never happen to you, but if they do, we hope these suggestions will help you to be safe.

Better Safe Than Sorry!


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