10 Useful Sites Which’ll Make You Say “Where Were You All My Life?”

Internet is full of surprises, it encapsulates things all that you need to know and at the same time things that you didn’t know you needed. Here are 10 radical websites which will make you glad that they exist.

6 years ago
10 Useful Sites Which’ll Make You Say “Where Were You All My Life?”

Don’t you wish that you could have an AI assistant like Siri or Alexa for real to do your work for you. If you do then unfortunately you would have to wait but there is one thing you can do while you wait for the AI assistants to be commercialized. You can use these websites to make your life a lot easier. Some of these sites are so cool that it’ll make you go “Where were you all my life?”

1) Interactive Music Map Of No.1 Songs Worldwide In Real Time

Source = Stereotronic

This website Music Map with its great design serves you the chart topper songs from around the world. You can just zoom in to any place of the map of the world to know what the people there are jamming to.

2) Draw Shapes To Find Places On Google Maps

Source = Chromeexperiments

With this experimental chrome app/extension you can draw gestures or Lines to look for places in a fun graphical way. The website is in its experimental stage, so for now it can be used to browse it for fun.

3) Graphical Guide On Curry Depending On Your Taste Preferences

Source = Just-eat

New to the art of making perfect curry or trying to experiment with something new? Then this detailed yet fun guide to curry can and will do wonders for your palettes and you.

4) A Library Of Car Noises Which Helps Diagnose Problems

Source = Addictivetips

This website has an archive of all type of faulty Car Noises to help you identify and diagnose the problems with car, when and if it having some issues. According to us this is the coolest and the most practical websites out there.

5) Every Fitness Enthusiast’s Bible

Source = Alternativeto

This clever Wikipedia Of Muscle will tell you everything in detail about every muscle in your body and even suggest you appropriate exercises for the muscle through images and videos.

6) Definitions Of Technical Terms Through Easy Analogies

Source = Amazonaws

Have a hard time understanding technical jargon on the internet? Then this dictionary might come in real handy. The sideways dictionary doesn’t give straight definitions, it instead presents you with clever relatable analogies to help you understand easily.

7) This Website Makes Ancient Language Learning Easy

Source = Cloudfront

Lexicity won’t help you with the learning directly but instead it will guide you to the trustworthy content to use to learn these ancient languages for which it is hard to find lessons.

8) Know Every Little Detail About Your Body Through This

Source = Googleusercontent

You can use this website to know every answer about your body, useful/useless doesn’t matter. You just have to fill in the details that you might fill in a BMI test and you could get to know what you’re worth and how much air can your lungs store? According to this website Bill Gates costs $1956.

9) Suggests You Recipes Based On The Food Left in Your Fridge

Source = Pearltrees

My fridge food is my personal favourite because running out of food is every bachelor’s nightmare. The first thing you do after you run out of food is to search desperately for anything left to eat in the fridge. Even if you find something in your fridge that needs little to no preparation, you’d just sleep hungry because you don’t know how to cook with whatever is available.

This website lets you choose from a range of foods that you might find in your fridge and then compiles the option to give you best possible suggestion of what you can make of what is available.

10) Will Robots Take My Job

Source = Mytechstudy

With almost every next thing getting replaced with robots and AI, this website Will Robots Take My Job lets you search if your job will computerized or automated. As for me my writing job is safe.

Internet is a beautiful place, you just have to look and if you can’t we'll bring you these gems. Let us know if you liked these incredible website and if we should continue this list.


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