12 Common Habits That Invite Burglars & Know What to Do Instead

Burglars don’t just target homes at random, they notice it first and then attack. And, somewhere our habits are responsible for it. Here we are listing 12 common mistakes we do to make our house a target for burglars.

5 years ago
12 Common Habits That Invite Burglars & Know What to Do Instead

Someone said once,

“Safety is as simple as ABC - Always Be Careful.”

And, undoubtedly it is true. Our safety lies in our hands, and it should be our top priority.

We have often read in the newspapers, heard on the televisions, or also seen in movies that burglars keep casing a house. And, this is 100% correct. Burglars keep a watch on home to search for patterns and also to determine the best time to enter the home when the homeowner is busy or away. Data has shown that in every 15 seconds, a home is burglarized in America. Yes, they look for opportunities to get inside of your home and for that keep on spotting the signs.

Moreover, have you ever thought what those signs are? Or how can you prevent your house from burglars to case a house? Having the answer to these questions, here we have an entire list contains steps to dissuade a burglar from considering getting into your home.

So, scroll down and have a look at these top 12 signs that become reasons for burglary, all according to some burglar.

1. Lights Off, Nobody Home

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Not only in one day but this could come in the notice that for 2-3 days consequently, lights remain off at your place. And, no lights on around the home can be an easy indicator that you ’re not at home.

Also, it takes on an average 8-12 minutes for a burglar to get into a home, rob, and run. However, it doesn't state that you have to triple your electric bill by keeping your lights on 24/7. So, here is one best solution that is Motion Sensor Lighting.

So, make sure all walkway and entrances to your home have Motion Sensor Lighting active. Well, for more safety, you can also apply it on garage & porch lights. So, if a burglar attempts to break in the front door and sees the front light turned on even during the day, he will likely assume there is someone inside and will leave your home safe.

2. Newspapers & Flyers at Doorway

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This could be one very big clue to burglars. Yes, they do look for newspapers piled up on the doorsteps. Apart from that, they also try a trick to leave a flyer in your front door to see how long you take to keep or throw it.

3. Unchecked Mailbox

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Don’t get confused here; we are not talking about physical mailbox located at the doors of our houses, we are talking about emails here. Shocking, right? But, true! Signal burglars can easily look for an overflowing porch or mailbox. So, make sure it only takes two minutes online or on the phone to put a hold on your mail while you’re gone and subvert the number.

4. Open Windows

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Windows are an easy entrance for burglars because generally, we leave windows open unknowingly. And this becomes a stroke of good luck for them. It is also possible because he’s already looking through it to check if your house is worth the effort or not.

So, leaving valuable stuff like keys and jewelry in plain sight from windows could be one obvious signal to burglars.

Simply try to make sure that your window is not always open and if it is, make sure your valuables are not easily visible or catchable from the windows.

5. Growing of Grass

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One of the statements from the US Department of Justice Bureau of Justice Statistics recorded that thievery rates consistently increase during the months of summer, especially when families are away on vacation. Even long bushes and grass help burglars to enter. Yes, so make sure your yard looks updated anytime or keep your lawn clean and trim. Also, try to have someone available to mow for you when you’re going on vacation.

Over 57% of burglars access their target house via the front door so try not to make those entry points, even more, inviting by hiding them behind unfinished bushes.

Also, if you have shrubbery around your home, keep it well-groomed. Moreover, keep cutting back trees that are near your home and trim your shrubs and bushes. So, your place will be a little safe.

6.Convenient Location

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It is an obvious thing that burglars like to hunt houses on corners, at the end of a street, next to alleys, or locations where there's a neighbor on only one side. This makes it easier for them to sneak around even without being caught. Also, places with entrance-ways that can’t easily be seen from the road are an accessible target.

Sometimes, they also target places near busy roads as, if needed, they can instantly jump into their vehicle and escape into the traffic.

Well, no one can move their house, but this is something one should be careful of. So, if you also have your house in a suitable spot for burglars, then very important to have home security measures in place.

7. Open Garage Doors

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This one is often noticed that some people leave their garage doors open all the time. But, either they know or not, it gives burglars an invitation to run inside, take some expensive tools, and run off without anyone noticing.

Also, sometimes people close their garage door but leave the door leading from the garage to the house unlocked. And, trust us, burglars know this, so it will be easier for them to enter your place. For that, they’ll attempt to get the garage door open with hopes that the inner door is unlocked and will enter in home easily.

Most importantly, if your garage has a roll-up door, then you should be aware that to open it from outside is one very easy task. All a thief needs a coat hanger to extract the cord on the safety release, unlock the door, and roll it up by hand. So, for safety purpose, use your garage door’s sliding latch lock if it has one, and also disable the safety release, or separate the cord from it.

8. Window Air Conditioning Units

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This is something which most people never consider, but it is very easy to hit an A/C unit inside and get in the house. So, make sure you bring the unit inside and lock the window if you’re going to be away for a while.

9. Being Loudmouth

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Not only us but also the U.S. Department of Justice says in one statement that (⅔)rd of burglaries are committed by someone who knows the victim. That means if you are posting on any social media platform that you and your family are going out for the weekend, you’ve just invited thieves to your place.

Well, if you want to post something, try tightening up the privacy on your social media accounts so that only your friends can see your updates. Or should still avoid posting about weekend plans, updates, and pictures till you are home again.

Also, avoid telling your weekend plans about your home, your schedule, or other information to strangers or even work associates as a burglar could use them.

And, make sure if someone has come to your door taking a survey or something along those pages to note all your information, this is one way that thieves often use to know about your details and attack more easily.

10. Unlocked Second Story Windows

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This is as same as keeping Window Air Conditioning Units. But it’s true that if you feel it is safe to leave your second story windows and doors unlocked, think twice or thrice. A little bit of climbing skills or a single ladder is all it takes for a burglar to access to these entry points. So, make sure you lock all doors and windows no matter where they are.

11. An Empty Driveway

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As thieves are always in search of empty houses or prefer to break into vacant houses, empty driveways are one best clue you are giving. This could be an open invitation for a burglary. So, whenever you leave for a trip or tour, ask a trusted neighbor, friend or relative/family person to park in your driveway so this will be an indication that someone is in the house. This way you are decreasing the chances of robbery.

12. No Security System

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Many burglars don’t accept, but security systems are great obstacles to them. Therefore, every thief likes easy targets. And, often finds a home without any security system to give a cheap shot.

Concluding Thoughts

Well, this is not it but are some important points to keep in mind. These tips will surely help you to have peace of mind this holiday season. So, try the above tips if you feel any relevant for you. Also, you can tell us through comment section if you know any best way to prevent your home from burglars.

It is Better to be Safe Than Sorry!


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