13 Spine Chilling Signs Of Demonic Possession

Supernatural occurrences are amongst the few things that are unexplainable and out of this world yet it’s existence can’t be...

6 years ago
13 Spine Chilling Signs Of Demonic Possession

Supernatural occurrences are amongst the few things that are unexplainable and out of this world yet it’s existence can’t be denied just because it doesn't have science backing it up. We all have known a lot of cases where people claim that they have seen people do unspeakable things like supernatural powers, speak unlearnt languages, absurd reactions to holy things, strange elastic capabilities and what not.

If you ever walk in a room which is automatic climate controlled and all of a sudden it starts to feel chilly and there’s no opening from where the cold air from outside could seep in. 

Despite being a reasonable person, your first reaction will be of fear; fear of unknown.

Things that can’t be explained have as much chance of existing as things backed up by science, so if you are looking out for science of Demonic Possession, you should look for these traits.

Who knows, the illness medicine failed to cure, you could actually be able to spot it.

1) Sudden Dilation Of Pupils

Source = Tumblr

Pupils become dilated like when doctors dilate through drops to examine the lens, but dilation is far more prominent.

2) Abnormal Changes In Voice

Source = Narvii

The demon can speak through the vessel in the voice of the person, saying things that no one might know, using this information to undermine others. Including the priest.

3) Becoming Abnormally Profane Or Abusive

Source = Inquisitr

Speaking ill for God and everything holy or being generally abusive to people, might be a sign of Possession.

4) Abusing Alcohol Or Drugs Against The Nature

Source = Inquisitr

A person who never tried alcohol let alone drugs, starts abusing all the psychedelics, could also be a sign of demonic possession.

5) Aberrant Craving For Raw Meat & Or Blood

Source = Wp

Nobody eats raw meat or drinks blood unless they’re a vampire.

6) Suddenly Becoming Hyper-sexual

Source = Educationinnigeria

Being sexually abusive to people is one of the signs of demonic possession when you have no control over your mind or conscience.

7) Strong Desires Of Self Harm

Source = Emaze

A possessed is said to be in control of another entity and if that entity decides to harm the vessel the possessed can’t do anything, even if it’s hurting them.

8) Savage Behaviour

Source = Express

There can also be an inordinate display of extreme strength and violence, picking up large objects which they normally wouldn’t be able to do.

9) Abnormal Changes In Personal Hygiene

Source = Vimeocdn

The person could be foaming at the mouth and coughing in an abnormal way.

10) Sleeping All Day, Losing Appetite, Or Sudden Onset Of Gluttony

Source = Picr

Eating 10 times your appetite is not normal, nor is eating nothing for days.

11) Severe constipation

Source = Myhealthcareindia

Bowel movements are also blocked as the entity is trying to kill the possessed any way they can from inside of the body.

12) Aversion Or Hatred When Speaking About God Or Other Biblical Subject Matter

Source = Cloudfront

The rolling of the eyes can be another sign, usually a reaction to the sacred.

13) No Response To Medications

Source = Tagesspiegel

When somebody is critically ill and medicine fails to respond, even after countless alternate treatments. It makes the possessed a case of supernatural treatment.


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