20 Romantic Japanese Phrases to Get Your Love On-board

It is not easy to express love to someone, and especially when native languages are different, it is very complex. If you fell for someone from Japan, then how will you express your love? So, let's dive in these Japanese phrases to get your love on-board.

5 years ago
20 Romantic Japanese Phrases to Get Your Love On-board
“There is only one happiness in this life, to love and be loved.”

George Sand

There is no right time, right person or right place for Love. The moment you feel for someone is the perfect one to convey your feelings. But, what if, the person you've found is from Japan. How will you express your love in Japanese?

So, here we are with some steamy, romantic Japanese love quotes which will help you to get your love on-board, the very moment you want. Go ahead!

1. Suki! (好き!) - I like you!

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This could be the simplest and most beautiful way to say I love you in the Japanese language. Yes, it is!  When you say this to someone you're interested in, especially when you're alone together, it implies more than friendship. And, now they are bound to know what you're talking about.

The word Suki means like. One can use it in several ways like ranging from describing the food you like to admit your feelings to someone you like.

It depends on the situation that you’re using it in; when you use the word “好き(suki),” show the type of love you want to express.

For instance, when you are saying you love strawberry,  you would say, “イチゴが好き” (Ichigo ga suki). Here, Ichigo means strawberries. Though, you can use anything instead of strawberries.

Despite, one can also use “suki” to express feelings of romantic interest as well.  As expressed above, in the precise situation, 好き could be used to mean “I like you.. like more than a friend.”

2. 恋(Koi) - I Love You in Japanese

Well, 恋 (koi) is the most misunderstood word one can use. Because it does mean “love,” but in a descriptive manner.  Simply, this is used to DESCRIBE the state of being in love 恋をする(Koi wo suru) or 恋に落ちる (Koi ni ochiru) falling in love.

So, to define someone’s love life or to tell a story involving romance, one can use ‘Koi.’

However, one can’t express their love with this. Because to say I love you, using ‘koi’ would sound very unnatural.

Therefore, this is generally used in a lot of Japanese TV dramas or songs only. Not being said between two people in love in Japan.

So if you want to say that you care about someone, use 好き/ 大好き(I Love You). Don’t use ‘koi’ for expressing love.

3. Aishiteru. (愛してる。) - I love you.

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This phrase indicates romantic love, no friendship or family love. Not just love but, this expresses a pretty serious love to you.

It might be the closest word in Japanese to describe the deep feeling of romantic love. And, probably it is the most devoted way to declare love in Japanese.

Since there is no other meaning of it, you can say “愛してる (ai shiteru)” very easily.

Also, you would say “愛してます” (ai shitemasu), to make it more polite.  Even this word is not gendered biased. Both men and women can say愛してる(ai shiteru) or愛してます” (ai shitemasu).  So, be careful when you use this word!

4. De-to ni Ikou!/Asobi ni Ikou! (デートに行こう!/遊びに行こう!) - Let's go on a date!/Let's hang out!

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No wonder, love enhances with spending more time together. So, shorten the distance between you and your love interest by using this phrase. Have fun!

5. ありがとう(Arigatou)

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Well, this is a phrase which is used sparingly. This also says I Love You without even saying, “I love you.”

This is even special because it’s somewhat common for older married couples who rarely say “I love you” directly to each other before.

Though, it doesn’t imply that they don’t love each other. But, saying “I love you” isn’t a part of the culture. Therefore older couples may express their love in other ways. And, clearly, their love is expressed through actions rather than words.

6. (Calling their first name)! - (First name)!

In Japan, calling someone by their first name is a big deal. Japanese generally uses surnames with san at the end to call someone. Hence, calling someone by their first names especially in Japan means you're more than friends. And, this gesture will surely bring the two of you closer together.

7. 一緒にいるとほっとする/安心する(Issho ni Iru to Hotto suru/Anshin Suru.) - I feel safe when I'm with you.

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Without saying I Love You, one can use this phrase to make someone feel special. I bet anyone will like to hear that you feel like home when you're with them.

8. I want to hold your hand- 私はあなたの手を握っていたい (Watashi wa anata no te o nigitte itai)

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If people are holding hands, it simply implies a romantic relationship. Therefore this could be a pretty thing to ask to express your love.

9. Sawatte Ii? (さわっていい?) - Can I touch you?

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While you are establishing a bond with the other person by getting them to trust you, make sure consent is important in any culture. So, first ask them if they're comfortable with touching or not.

10. I want to introduce you to someone - 紹介したい。(Shoukai shitai.)

This could be one of the huge steps when you are in love with someone. Yes, that's right, the phrase that you want to introduce your partner to someone in your friends, family or colleagues is an expression of a big step in any culture.

11. Mamoritai. (守りたい。) - I want to protect you.

Especially in Japanese culture, if you say that you want to protect someone, it has a  romantic meaning. It indicates romance and ultimately, gracious feelings for the other.

12. Kappuru desu. (カップルです。) - We're a couple.

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It can be used as an announcement. When you want to announce whomever politely that you both are a couple, and in a romantic relationship, you can use this phrase. Also, declaring this can get you discounts at restaurants or movie theaters on certain days.

13. Kiss Shiyou/Kiss Shitai. (キスしよう/キスしたい) - I want to kiss you/Let's kiss

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No doubt, kisses are considered romantic everywhere. But Japanese culture doesn't have the custom of friendly kisses. So, there it is considered special to kiss someone.

14. Futari de Ikou! (二人で行こう!) - Let's go together.

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Speaking this phrase means you want to be alone with them because your whole date won't be special if your special one brings someone else as well. So, you can tell them with this phrase. Also, you can say this especially when you're talking about a place. For instance, when you're talking about some particular beach, you can use this phrase. Like, we will go there for a perfect date.

15. 一緒にいたい!(Issho ni Itai!) - I want to spend time with you.

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When you want to have quality time with the person of your interest, try this phrase. Even if it is just a general term, it will make them realize that maybe you want to be more than just friends.

16. Issho ni Iru to Tanoshii! (一緒にいると楽しい!) - I enjoy myself when I'm with you!

Everyone cherishes this phrase because that means you enjoy someone's company. It could be both romantic or friendly. What one infers is based on what stage of the relationship you are with that person.

 17. 大事にしたい。(Daiji ni Shitai. ) - I treasure you.

It means you want to take care of the person of your interest. Also, if you feel the things are going too fast, and you want to slow it down to know each other better, you can use this. Also, it can indicate that you consider this person is very precious in your life.

18. ~がいないとさみしい。- ( name of person) ga Inai to Samishi. - I feel so lonely without you.

It’s not a normal thing if you feel lonely without someone. By this phrase, anyone can get that you want to be with them because when they're gone, you miss their presence.

19. Hoteru Ikou. (ホテルいこう。) - Let's go to a hotel.

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This phrase means you want to go to a hotel with them. When two people go to a hotel, this indicates a special bond in Japan.  So,  without being too straightforward, this is one way of getting your point across.

20. Kekkon Shiyou! (結婚しよう!) - Marry me!

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When you say this, there is no need to say anything else. It simply means "Let's get married!" And, this could be one of the leading goals of relationships!

Something to Remember

Hence, using these phrases will make it very easy to confess your love to someone in Japanese. Also, we hope this column showed you how to say I love you in Japanese as native Japanese people do. Go get your love on-board! We wish you the best!


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