7 Subtle Details in Everyday Things You Might Have Failed to Notice

Do you know why there are lines on a Solo cup? No, it is not a design, but these lines have a specific purpose. Know more things that existed but were hidden till now.

7 years ago
7 Subtle Details in Everyday Things You Might Have Failed to Notice

Some people are curious to know everything. For instance, they delve deeper to know why there’s a hole in the pen cap, the hole in the soda pop tab, and more. But do you know when people started to develop things, they developed it to make life easier? Every tool that they used has some purpose. Nothing was abstract. But today, you come across many things that you use in daily life which have secrets that you didn’t know. 

Do you know why there is a hole at the top of a lollipop stick? You might be thinking that when the kid finishes his/her lollipop, it could be turned into a whistle. But that’s not the reason. The reason is when the manufacturers pour the hot candy into the mold, then some of it flows into the hole and hardens. This allows the candy to get fixed on the stick and not to fall.

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Here are other products that you use daily but do not know about their hidden features. 

1. The Hole in the Pan Handles

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If you are a cooking expert, then you must know this. Most pans come with a handle that has a small hole on their handles. 

Do you know why this hole is designed at the end of the handle? The hole is there so that you could hang pans when you keep them in the kitchen. But the true purpose of the hole is to hole the stirring spoons. 

2. The Threaded Bands on Audio Jacks

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The threads on audio jacks are made of insulating material and are used to protect the wires when sound is transmitted. Also, the number of bands hints about the direction where the sound would go. 

For instance, when there are three bands, one band balances the right ear, second balances the left ear, and the third one is for grounding and should be connected into the amplifier. 

3. A Small Dot Between the Flash and Lens on iPhone

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If you own an iPhone, then you must have seen a small dot located between the flash and lens on the phone. But do you know what the hole is for? It is the third microphone. This tiny black hole provides superior quality and avoids background noise to take better video when you are in a crowded place. 

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4. Thin Lines on a Solo Cup

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The ridges or lines in the solo cup has a different purpose. The manufacturer says it is a coincidence and not intended. But the experts suggest that these lines on a solo cup could be used as a measurement for alcohol. 

For instance, the bottom line in the cup could be used to measure hard liquor, the second line is for the dose of wine, and the third one is for the cup of brew.

5. Two Holes on a Gasoline Can

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You must have seen two holes on the Gasoline can. But have you ever wondered what’s the reason behind this second hole when you could pour it with a single hole? 

While you might be thinking that the second hole is used to pour petrol into smaller receptacles, but this is not true. According to experts, the second cap should be uncapped before pouring gas to prevent the gas from glugging. 

6. The Blue Bristle on Toothbrush

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If you think that the manufacturers use vibrant colors on a toothbrush to make it look attractive, then you are right. This is one reason why they use colors like blue or green bristles on a toothbrush. 

But you would be surprised to know that blue bristles serve a unique purpose. The blue bristles lose their color and get fade after a period. This indicates that it is time to change your brush. 

Tell us, do you know about this thing?

7. The Fifth Pocket or the Small Pocket in Your Jeans

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Do you know why there’s a small or say the fifth pocket on your jeans? While several people use this small pocket to keep the extra cash and to hide important items, the manufactures designed this to keep the pocket watch. They designed it to protect the expensive pocket watches and to tuck it safely into the place. 

How many of the above-hidden secrets did you know? Do you know other things that existed but are not known to everyone? If you find this post interesting, then don’t forget to share it with your friends and family. 


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