9 Futuristic Projects of China That Amazed The Entire World

China has invested billions of dollars in building stunning infrastructure projects. Some are done with the design and some are still under process.

6 years ago
9 Futuristic Projects of China That Amazed The Entire World

Is there anything that China can’t do? Right from making creative toys to unique projects, China has given the world a number of unusual stuff and concepts of new technologies to consider it as the fastest developing country. It is a game changer and is still undergoing a huge change.

The country is incredibly changing fast and has accomplished many engineering achievements. China always dreams big and remains ready with the plans for the future years. To this, it is also reported that over the next 10 years China plans to move over 250 million people into the country’s growing megacities. Let us now know more about the futuristic projects of China.

1. Yujiapu Financial District

Source = Businessinsider

The construction of Yujiapu Financial district started in 2008 and has an estimate to be built in $200 billion yuan. Yujiapu Financial district which is nicknamed as ‘China’s new Manhattan’ is located outside Tianjin and will highlight more than 45 residential and office towers when it will get complete in 2019. The area is imagined as the hub for world trade and finance.

2. Xiongan New Area

Source = Telegraph

The country aims to supply new economic zone being developed near Beijing. Initially, the project will cover 40 square miles but it will cross about 80 square miles later. The official outline and the construction timeline for this futuristic project is not out yet, but it is said that the project will include transit system, offices, universities, and housing.

3. Sunqiao Shanghai

Source = Adsttc

Shanghai is planning to initiate a 250-acre agricultural district which is to be entitled as ‘Sunqiao Shanghai’ – it will operate as a huge space to live, farm food and shops. The project will include housing, public plazas, science museum, restaurants and more. Though the master plan was conceived by the firm Sasaki – a designing firm, the crew will break ground on this future plan by 2018.

4. Chengdu Great City

Source = Dezeen

Chengdu Great City - a city located about two miles outside Chengdu will complete by 2010 and will accommodate nearly 80,000 people. The development of the project will be like - half the road space will strictly be devoted to pedestrian and all homes will be at reach, within 2-2:30 min walk of Public Park.

60% portion of the site will be devoted to agriculture and 15% will be strictly restricted to parks and others space.

5. The Chengdu Creative Centre

Source = Businessinsider

The Chengdu Creative Centre is another futuristic project of China which will cover 2.9 million square foot of the area and will highlight retail, offices and green spaces. The first phase of the development called Tianfu will span over 600 miles and several counties in Chengdu, the second phase for the same is not released yet.

6. Nanhui New City

Source = Scpstonecreek

Nanhui New City is all ready to get complete by 2020. It will be a kind of satellite city in the area of Shanghai. The construction of the museum, offices, university campuses, and retail were initiated in 2003. The plan is designed by German architects Gerkan, Marg and Partners and plans to attract 8 lakhs residents. The project is to cost around $4.5 billion.

7. Beijing Subway System

Source = Wikimedia

The China government will finish 650 mi subway lines by the end of 2021. It is rapidly expanding and as per the master plan after its completion, the motorized trips will reach by 60% with 62% of all transit rides. During the beginning of 2017, there were over 350 km of routes under construction on 20 lines, the new lines will expand its coverage with south and west of the city. (18.1)

8. Macau New Urban Zone

Source = Businessinsider

It is a 2.8 square-mile land project in China and is all set to complete by the end of the year. As per the plan, it will add over 10% to the city’s land area. The project is all reserved for housing projects and green spaces and it’s divided into 5 zones. The zones will feature housing units, retail and more.

9. The Super Collider

Source = Economist

China has planned to build the supercollider much bigger than it was built by the European Organisation for Nuclear research – The Hadron Collider. It is announced that China intends to build a particle collider with more than 40-100 kms in circumference; the first phase of the construction is all set to begin in 2020. (18.2)


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