How To Know If Someone Is Thinking About You?

Life’s a stage and we all have a role to play. Some enter our life with some reasons and when the reasons are accomplished th...

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How To Know If Someone Is Thinking About You?

Life’s a stage and we all have a role to play. Some enter our life with some reasons and when the reasons are accomplished they move away. But they write their wonderful stories in the chapters of our life.

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We come across different people in our daily life. Some get attracted to us and to some we do not even pay attention. To judge people and their feeling is the most difficult task. We cannot read minds of people, to whom we are surrounded by. As it is said the first impression is the last impression. Similarly, when we meet strangers with some we get positive vibes and with others negative. And this is how we assume about their characters without knowing much about them.

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On some level, we all have the ability to know through our psychic knowledge about the person we want to know. The study of such a kind is said to be clairsentience. We people do not have the idea of this capability which remains hidden inside us. We all have the curiosity to know who thinks about us secretly.

Some of the signs by which we can make out that someone is thinking about us:

1) Constant Smile

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When you converse with someone, you will find a constant smile on the person’s face, this is because he or she might be thinking of you before and now you are in front of them. The feelings hidden inside the heart will come outside with the constant smile. In case if the person talks to you in a neutral way on regular basis without smile than this can be taken as an indication that he or she is not interested in you, nor they think of you.

2) Interested In Best Friend

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This is one of the most common tricks to make out whether the person is thinking of you or not. If the person is interested and thinks of you then he or she will make an effort to even talk with your friends. A friend is the one who has an important part in everyone's life. A friend is the one with whom you hang out the most. So the person will be interested in having a conversation with your friends as well. So that your friends start liking them.

Another way is when a person talks to you constantly and avoids to talk to your friends. This shows that they like you and are interested only in talking to you.

3) Approaching for no reason

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Sometimes it happens that the person who thinks of you try to find out ways to talk to you. When someone gets into their mind, they try to do all the things to impress you and bring you in their life. That start thinking as if you are a good person to spend a life with. Due to this reason, he or she will try to approach you with no reason. And you can easily make out that he or she is thinking of you. This kind of approach or effort has no valid reason behind it.

4) Subconscious Lingering Smile

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Whenever we see someone who is close to our heart a smile automatically covers up our face at least for 10 seconds or more. Our subconscious mind shows that we like the person. This can work even when the person does not know anything about you but still thinks of you. If their subconscious like you, they will have a lingering smile on their face. If the person wants to talk to you, he or she will talk in the same way as an old friend.

5) Desire to be close

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If the people meet someone by chance they take it as fate or destiny. But in reality, it's only their subconscious mind which is behind these thoughts. They think as if they have fallen for them as if they are in love with the person. They see the person as the right one to spend their life with. Therefore they try to find out ways to contact them and bring them in their life at any cost. So if you find a person who often comes and talks to you then it’s a sign that he or she thinks of you. If you are standing in a group he or she will come and stand nearby you rather than at distance.

6) Line of sight

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It often happens that when a person thinks of the other person or fall in love, he or she has a sight at the person and the activities in which they indulge in. The subconscious line of sight is a sign that the person is interested in you. It happens that they do not look at the person they love directly but will have a sight towards them indirectly.

7) Feet and Leg Direction

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Our feet point to the direction in which we are talking. Subconsciously if we like a person than our legs automatically gets inclined towards them. We may never come to know about it, but our legs indicate that we are thinking of the person secretly in our mind and heart.

8) Conversation about you

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When we start liking someone, we enjoy the talks about them with others. Our mind constantly insists us to converse about them even when they are out of our sight. Subconsciously it tries to find out things they like and dislike while talking to their friends or relatives. This is a strong sign that the person is thinking of you.

9) Takes your side

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In a situation when we all are in a group and you are arguing about something with the other, at that moment of time the person who thinks of you will take your side and will try to dissolve the matter saying you are correct even when the person knows that you are wrong. This is a true sign indicating that the person is in love with you and is ready to stand with you in any circumstances you are stuck in.

10) Praise you

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The person who thinks of you most of the time will never try to leave an opportunity to compliment you whenever you come in front of him or her. When you achieve something he will acclaim you and congratulate for your success. When you look stylish he or she will not hesitate in praising you.

The signs mentioned above will help you to find who is thinking of you often in their minds secretly.


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