Hurricane Irma Is Much Worse A Storm Than The Harvey

Irma is making headlines as the most powerful Atlantic storm in a decade. So far at least nine people have been killed as it hit the dual-island nation of Antigua and Barbuda and the French territories of Saint-Martin and Saint Barthélemy.

6 years ago
Hurricane Irma Is Much Worse A Storm Than The Harvey

Hurricane Irma is an extremely powerful tropical cyclone currently affecting the Leeward Islands and Puerto Rico, and threatening Cuba and the Southeastern United States. It is the strongest Atlantic hurricane since Wilma of 2005 in terms of maximum sustained winds, the most intense in terms of pressure since Dean in 2007, and the first of such intensity to make landfall anywhere in the Atlantic since Felix in 2007.

Irma is also the first Category 5 hurricane to affect the northern Leeward Islands on record.

Projected Path Of The Hurricane

Source = Noaa

The storm is moving relatively slowly, at about 26km/h, as it heads towards the southern US coast from the Atlantic, past the Dominican Republic and the Bahamas.

Irma is currently veering north-west, and is likely to skirt the north of Haiti on Friday, move over or near Cuba on Saturday and Sunday, possibly striking islands off Florida.

Irma Destroyed 4 Substantial Government Buildings In Saint Martin

According To A French Official, 4 Most Solid Government Buildings Are Already Destroyed By The Mighty Irma Hurricane.

Irma’s Infrared View

Source = Wikimedia

The terrifying infrared view of the Irma Hurricane when it turned into Category 5.

Worst Hurricane Season Ever

Source = Bbci

With Harvey Gone & Katia, Irma & Jose Approaching Back To Back, It Is Estimated To Be The Worst Hurricane Season.

Along With Many Caribbean Islands Flights To Miami Also Have Been Cancelled

Source = Express

Flights between many of the islands, which include the Dominican Republic, Guadeloupe and the British Virgin Islands, have been cancelled. Antigua's airport was closed on Wednesday.

British Airways cancelled some flights, and sent an empty aircraft to Antigua to bring 326 travellers home early.

Irma Took At Least 10 Lives Till Now

Source = "Marineschepen"

The hurricane left the french territories injuring 23 and killing at least 8 people.

Even if you are not affected by the disaster but you can help the suffering people by donating to several relief campaigns or just spread the useful information to ensure the safety of your loved ones living in or near the affected area.


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