Most Romantic & Unique Ways To Propose A Girl In 2017-18

Love is an awesome feeling, isn’t it? But only if it is two sided, so you are looking for idea how to propose your girl in 2017-2018 for a new beginning, here are the ways

6 years ago
Most Romantic & Unique Ways To Propose A Girl In 2017-18

So finally, love is in the air! You have found the girl with whom you want to spend your entire life with. Still wondering how to ask her to be yours? Obviously, think twice before you finally propose her because every girl's dream is a perfect proposal.

The most common way of proposing a girl is bending down on your knees with a red rose in hand and asking will you marry me? Don’t you think it’s just a kind of boring now? If yes and you are really searching some unique ideas to propose your girl and dating with her, below we have compiled some unique and creative ways to propose a girl in 2017-2018.

Some creative and Sweet ways to Propose a Girl in 2017-2018

The T-Shirt Proposal

Source = Wonderslist

Buy a T-shirt with the text ‘Do You Love Me’ or any custom text created by you. Wear this t-shirt over a jacket and take your girl to a place you usually meet, get down on your knees and open your jacket for her.

The Morning Alarm Proposal

Source = Edweek

This is the most innovative way of proposing a girl in 2017-2018. Just check out her phone and feed the alarm at the time which she wakes up which says – Wake up Ema, Steeves Loves You!! (or whatever the names are) Awww...just imagine how romantic it would be!!

Fake Email - Proposal

Source = Easyweddings

Send your girl a fake email saying – ‘the 5th day from today you will find your love’ or any other text. Keep on emailing her the 4th day from today, the 3rd day from today…and so on, on the final day share a note of your romantic message to her.

Radio Proposal

Source = Lifehacker

If she loves listening to radio, then this proposal will surely make her smile. And definitely, any girl would love her boy proposing in front of lakhs of people over the radio. Just call your local radio station and set the timings when she tunes in the radio and dedicates a special song, a message in your voice and a sweet proposal before or after the song. (18.1)

The Zig Zag Proposal

Source = Diysolarpanelsv, Pinimg

Ask her friend to help you out. Plan out with her friend to tell your base that someone (boss/teacher/anyone) is calling you. Just make sure that her boss is not in his/her cabin. Stick an arrow just beside the cabin’s wall - as a human tendency we always follow the sign, before making sure what’s going on here. Put another arrow, giving her next direction and just lead her to an empty room that says you have come to the right place…. place a cardboard with a text ‘Will you marry me?’ in a room

If you haven’t proposed your love yet, try the above ideas, we are damn sure your base will say YES and will love you more after this sweet gesture.


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