Telepathic Powers | History | How To Prepare For Telepathy

Telepathy is always known as mind to mind communication, feelings which are transferred between a sender and a receiver. Instead...

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Telepathic Powers | History | How To Prepare For Telepathy

Telepathy is always known as mind to mind communication, feelings which are transferred between a sender and a receiver. Instead of going verbally; it is just a communication through mind power. Sometimes called the’ Sixth Sense’, telepathy is another sense that we all possess. Well, there is no evidence that a mind can be tuned into action by projecting thoughts into someone. 

Most research shows that telepathy can’t put any impression (command, suggestion) into mind nor can understand any communication. If telepathic powers work well, could it happen to relate each other on belief, trust, and love rather than by spending the time with your friends planting evil thoughts?

But with the time flow telepathy has become a common theme in science fiction with many super villains and superheroes having telepathic ability.

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Historical Background

The first step that contributed to the telepathy was given by the Egyptian civilization in 2000 B.C. The book ‘Egyptian Papyrus of Dereal Madineh’ includes the examples of divine revelation. They incorporated the dream which would transfer messages by a homeless spirit from one person to another. These instances were the first symbols of telepathic communication in the history. (18.1)

The history of telepathy began to engage the science for more explanations. The scientists and philosophers thesis held that everything is made of atoms which constantly transfer images of themselves. These pictures projected by living beings, when emotionally charged could be transferred to next person while dreaming. Interest in telepathy grown instantly after World War I as thousands of bereaved turned spiritual trying to communicate with their dead family members.

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How to Prepare for Telepathy

While some may think that successful telepathy can only be accomplished by a professional, instead it can be even done by a novice. But keep this mind that not everyone can be successful at performing telepathy. 

1)  Believe in Telepathy

The first and the foremost thing to start with telepathy is that both sender and receiver should believe in telepathy. Both should maintain open mind communication and desperately wants telepathy to work. When both are in the state of close mind, there could be poor results.

2) Make Distance from your Physical Body

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One of the main requirement of mind power is to separate yourself from the body. Physical separation allows you to focus on thought and especially on the message you are trying to send. Try wearing goggles painted white or headphones while playing recorded music.

3) Engage in Strong Coupling

There should be a strong bond between the sender and the receiver. When both shares some sort of affection the energetic coupling is at its peak. Engage the receiver by asking frequent questions like favorite destination, where are you from, favorite hangout place etc. 

Once the bond is formed; the strong coupling can last for months, days. Even if you stay a few thousand miles apart the bond will stick.

4) Meditation

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Keeping yourself calm is very important in order to receive the message of the sender. Close your eyes, while sitting on the chair. Target on the specific thoughts and eliminates those random buzzing in your head. By doing this; you will able to focus on your own thoughts.

5) Exchange the thoughts

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Before you start exchanging your thoughts, decide who will be the sender and receiver. If you don’t decide you could end up exchanging mixed messages to one another. Choose wisely, whom you know and trust. 

Don’t know if the telepathy is an actual phenomenon or not but one thing is inevitable i.e. ‘Your Thoughts


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