This Random Goat on a Multi-Million Dollar Mansion’s Rooftop is All of Us During An Existential Crisis

It is not a regular sight when you’re busy with your work and you spot a goat at an unusual place. A man in Australia spotted a goat on a rooftop chillin like it’s got no fucks to give.

6 years ago
This Random Goat on a Multi-Million Dollar Mansion’s Rooftop is All of Us During An Existential Crisis

A goat in Australia is getting all the attention of the world with it’s risky and mysterious stunt of chilling on a rooftop where no goat can go. The goat’s name is Choy and it is four-month-old and the guy who took this video was working nearby baffled at the fact how did the goat climb that high.

A Man Working Nearby Noticed The Goat While He Was Working

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Australian man Jeremy Peck and some colleagues were working on a home in Perth, when they happened to notice a goat perched on top of a neighbouring house.

"There was a goat on the roof of a multi million-dollar house in one of Australia’s most prestigious suburbs, Dalkeith," Peck told Storyful.

Nobody Knows How It Got Up There

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"It's not clear how the goat came to be on the roof and the owner of the house was as puzzled as we were. The goat stayed on the roof for a few hours before jumping down and making his escape up the road."

Choy Ran Away From It’s Temporary Home

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Turns out the goat's nickname is Choy, and the four-month-old had escaped her temporary home after being rescued on the side of a road by Ash Barlow, according to PerthNow.

Choy had been hit by a car and was recovering at Barlow's home, before she vanished.

A Lady Named As Barlow Was Taking Care Of That Goat

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"She’s been getting better and then on Tuesday she escaped. The gate wasn't latched properly and she did a Houdini and got out. I was looking for it everywhere. She had been sighted at a few locations," Barlow told the news outlet.

Now searching for a permanent home, that's preferably a farm, Choy won't be anywhere near a roof in the near future. How she got up one though, will remain a mystery. (18.1)


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