25 Phenomenal Pictures That Show the Earth’s Beauty at Its Prime

Check out the pictures depicting the earth’s beauty captured through the lens of the photographer. These beautiful pictures are taken by pro photographers.

1 year ago
25 Phenomenal Pictures That Show the Earth’s Beauty at Its Prime

There are no words to define earth’s beauty. Earth features mesmerizing scenery and involves beautiful lakes, mountains, and rough seas. Just when you think you have traveled to the most amazing places in the world, the earth shows another place featuring wonderful views and stunning places. 

Unfortunately, the tragedy is, we have disconnected ourselves from nature and turned it into a world of violence and competition. The greatest joy is living and enjoying the natural beauty and preserving it for the future. Luckily, some of the best photographs showing the earth’s beauty have been captured and shared by professionals on the internet. 

Let us check out amazing pictures of the earth’s beauty captured through the lens. 

1. A clear rainbow after the rains is a beautiful sight to behold

Source = Lindamahkovec

2. This is the most awe-inspiring picture captured by the photographer

Source = Thenewdealer

3. A photograph of Bagan, Myanmar, that you can’t miss

Source = Canva

Bagan Archaeological Zone is the main attraction for the country’s tourism industry. 

4. Skogafoss Iceland is the best epitome of earth’s beauty

Source = Bookmundi

The Skogafoss is one of the biggest waterfalls in the country, with a width of 82 feet and a drop of 200ft.

5. The picture is of Zion Park- considered to be the most dangerous in the country

Source = Nathabblog

6. The aerial view of Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park

Source = Bookmundi

It shows the beautiful sunset and greenery, along with a breathtaking view of the waterfall.

7. An incredible picture taken by the satellite showing lightings on earth

Source = Sputniknews

8. You would love to get lost in earth’s sunrise beauty from space

Source = Tapety

9. The beautiful flowers spreading under the sky blanket

Source = Whicdn

10. Astronauts are not the only busy bees on the planet

Source = Insider

Sometimes they love capturing during work.

11. The icy layer covered on earth’s surface

Source = Wsj

12. A picture captured through the glass

Which one do you like- the blurry or the real one? 

13. Do you know mountains comprise 60% of the water available in the watershed?

Source = Localguidesconnect

This beautiful picture of mountains shows how beautiful the earth is.

14. This picture of Moraine lake depicts the earth’s beauty in the combination of colors

Source = Woovly

15. Undoubtedly, Hot balloon ride is the most amazing ride that you could experience in your life

Source = Localguidesconnect

16. This picture proved that a photographer captured a precious moment

Source = Mymodernmet

17. Camera lens facing the sky

Source = Bustle

18. This national park was established in 1919

Source = Mymodernmet

Nearly 2000 years ago, this was the territory of the Anasazi, an ancient tribe.

19. Beautiful picture of the mountain taken by a professional during the sunset

Source = Thesun

20. Sometimes animals also want alone time!

Source = Pri

Penguin enjoying alone on the block of ice.

21. Imagine living for a day in the snowy mountains!

Source = Treehugger

22. Captured by NASA, this is the most beautiful picture ever recorded of earth

Source = Bbci

23. Let’s see what is inside the mountain cave!

Source = Mymodernmet

24. This is the most amazing example of earth’s beauty - the Rainbow Mountains

Source = Img-s-msn-com

25. The most stunning picture of taken from the international space station

Source = Newatlas

Final Words 

It is said that the picture speaks thousands of words. And photography is the best way to express things that words can’t. We all have admired the beauty of earth through the camera in some or another way. While some pictures are rarely seen, others could be captured throughout the day. 

Have you ever captured or noticed this kind of earth’s beauty before? Do you have any pictures that describe the earth’s beauty? If so, then share them with us. 


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