7 Recent Doomsday Predictions For 2017-2060: A Real Warning

Over the past two millennia, thousands of predictions have been made for anticipating the future world shaking events. Many inte...

7 years ago
7 Recent Doomsday Predictions For 2017-2060: A Real Warning

Over the past two millennia, thousands of predictions have been made for anticipating the future world shaking events. Many interpretations are formed on the basis of religious scriptures. They describe an event that would occur on some date in the future which would completely change the world. In most significant cases, the theorists predict to wipe off some or whole life out of Earth. 

So far all the predictions made on the end of the world have miserably failed. This does not stop the predictors to behold from their work. Continuous predictions are made for the unforeseen future and we expect more failures to come in this journey. 

Many of these prophecies capture a significant portion of public’s imagination. Many trust them and suffer huge anxiety as the day approaches. Here are some other doomsday predictions that have been made by some combative people including conspiracists, UFO seekers and scientists. 

1. Jesus Returns To Destroy The Planet This Month

Source = Jesus The Radical

Nola Roth is a Christian computer programmer has claimed that Jesus returns to Earth this month. He will guide his people to heaven leaving the planet sterile for 1000 years. 

Nola suggests the occurrence of apocalypse by the end of 2016 on the basis of her complex calculations. This point will bring ‘everlasting righteousness’ and Earth will rest for a millennium.

Roth made these claims on her website Mark Beast. A post called ‘2016 The Time of the End’ features the news. She says,

'In the fall [autumn] of 2016, the 6,000 years of sin on earth will come to an end, everlasting righteousness will be brought in, and Jesus will come again to take His people to heaven. Then the Earth will begin its 1,000 years of rest.'

Each person has a probation time on Earth according to Mrs. Roth. After studying Bible’s Book of

Daniel which tells the story of relocation of Jewish people to Babylon, she made her calculations. Gabriel says, 'Seventy sevens are decreed […] to put an end to sin.'

These sevens refer to a unit of time, Jubilee cycle. A Jubilee cycle consists of seven of the larger units followed by a year of rest- a total of 50 years. Nola Roth says that these 70 Jubilees began in 1416 BC and they will end after 3413 years i.e. 2016 AD.

Nigel Watson, the author of UFO Investigations Manual says,

'Obscure numbers and codes are loved by fear mongers, and by using them to predict the end of the world, they show they have an insight into the mind of God and/or the workings of the Universe. Using knowledge of past predictions, and the fact we are still here, I predict we shouldn't worry about this latest revelation.' 

2. Planet X Hits Earth On December 2017

Source = Popularmechanics

UFO seekers and conspiracists have been claiming since years about a mysterious celestial body Planet X or Nibiru is hidden in our solar system. Nibiru is 10 times bigger than Earth and its orbit is greater than Pluto. 

According to the reports, Nibiru returns in hundred thousand years flying somewhere between Neptune and Mars. 

The next return of Planet X may hit the Earth and bring apocalypse and the event is likely to take place in December 2017 as the theorists claim. 

Don Yeomans debunked this theory suggesting that there is no credible evidence (telescopic or other) that proves this body’s existence. 

3. Armageddon Occurs In 2017 According To The “Sword Of God Brotherhood”

Source = YouTube

A number of groups believe this prediction. Armageddon will be the prophesied location where the armies would gather for the final battle before their end. “Sword of God Brotherhood” believes that this will take place in 2017. Prophet Gabriel has personally told them about this and only their people as they believe would survive in order to repopulate the world

All of us i.e. more than 7 billion people will perish in hell fire. This may be a real problem because a large number of people would be required so that inbreeding does not affect future generations. 

Since the end of the world did not happen on July 29, the next date is January 1, 2017. The date is based on the ancient calendar of the 5126 years Mayan Civilization. Thus, the people started climbing on mountains dressed like aliens believing that Earth would be covered by a giant Tsunami, so that is the only place of survival. 

4. Giant Asteroid Collides With Earth In February 2019

Source = Science - How Stuff Works

NASA scientists and US Airforce’s Linear Observatory in New Mexico discovered a giant asteroid on July 9, 2002 which they named as 2002 NT7. Scientists of NASA and Pisa University, Italy performed daily calculations based on orbit. The object revolves in an orbit that intersects Earth’s orbit. According to the initial calculations there was a one in 9.000 chance that the asteroid collides with Earth on February 1, 2019 at about 11:47 UT. If this happens then the results would be disastrous. 

David Derbyshire referred to the asteroid as ‘armegeddon rock’. He said

"... between 0.6 and 2.5 miles across. ... [If it collided with Earth,] its impact velocity ... would be 18 miles a second -- enough to wipe out a continent and throw up enough dust to block out the Sun [worldwide], bringing devastation to the world's food supply.”

Dr. Alan Fitzsimmons, a scientists at the National Space Centre said 

"Since it was first discovered it has only moved across a small fraction of the sky. Although we know roughly where it is going, its orbit needs to be refined. The orbit has been calculated every day, but we need another few weeks before we can get a precise orbit." 

The probability of collision was computed to be one in 60,000 on July 26, 2002 morning but the end of the day marked it by one in 75,000. Researches are still in continuation but there are definitely many large rocks out there. 

5. Gods Withdraw Their Protection In 2047

Source = Covepresbyterian.podbean

The Church of !BLAIR! says that human race will probably terminate on September 14, 2047 at 3:28 am (Soho, UK time). The church teaches that if humans do not discard their plastic conformity, Gods will withdraw their protection

Gods do not want our worship. They want no offerings or sacrifices. They only wish to get rid of the excessive normalcy. If this does not happen, Astro-Lemurs (extra-terrestrials similar to lemurs but rainbow colored) will attack every human being and beat them to death. 

6. The World Ends In 2060 For Isaac Newton

Source = TIP

Britain’s greatest scientist Sir Isaac Newton analyzed the Bible. He believed that god’s greatest secrets about the laws of Universe are contained in Bible. Newton concluded that the end would happen on or after 2060. Malcolm Neaum who produced a TV documentary on Newton said

"He spent something like 50 years and wrote 4,500 pages trying to predict when the end of the world was coming. But until now it was not known that he ever wrote down a final figure. He was very reluctant to do so."

7. At Some Time In The Future

Source = Trinfinity8

Dr. M.H. Kahn believes that all past predictions are invalid. He cites passages from the Qur’an. They imply that the current expansion of the universe will reverse at some time in the future. This will also reverse the time and gravity. 

"The contraction of the universe with reversal of time and gravity will commence the beginning of the end which will last for thousands and possibly millions of years. We will be removed from the regressing effects of reversed time as we come back alive in our own time. We will be taken across many dimensions to beyond this universe. A beautiful natural mechanism that is based on the laws of physics will cause all that to happen. This real end has nothing to do with wishful thinking and predictions of priests or shamans."  

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