Exploding Head Syndrome - A Rare Sleeping Disorder

If you also hear the bombing sounds, loud noises, crushing sound when you fall asleep or just after you wake up then beware you might be suffering from Exploding Head Syndrome.

6 years ago
Exploding Head Syndrome - A Rare Sleeping Disorder

Exploding Head Syndrome is an unusual type of parasomnia. A person having this episodic cranial sensory shock syndrome hears loud noises of bombing, gunshot or crash while falling asleep.

Exploding Head Syndrome features a noise that is unreadable and originates inside the person’s head. The syndrome is truly not associated with pain but these sounds brief in duration and often gives a physical shock to the person. The first one to identify EHS was Robert Armstrong Jones – a psychiatrist and a well Physician.

It is estimated that Exploding Head Syndrome affects female more than males and on average it attacks a person who is 50-55 years old. There are different theories out that might cause EHS. Some believe that this disease is directly associated with lobe seizures while some believe it is caused by shifting in ear components. Other believe it as impairments on calcium signaling.

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Symptoms Of Exploding Head Syndrome

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 Person suffering from Exploding Head Syndrome experiences:

 A sudden or loud noise in his/her head just after waking up or before falling asleep. 

  These explosive sounds are free of pain.

  It wakes you instantly with a sense of terror. 

 Feelings of electrical tingling to the head.


  Shortness of Breath

 Buzzing Sensations

 Palpitations etc…

The pattern of these hallucinations is variable. Some have reported that they faced the attacks few months or weeks and even irregularly for days and even lifetime.

Causes And Risk Factor To Exploding Head Syndrome

The exact reason for this disease is still unknown. But some psychologist reported that below causes may lead to experience this syndrome.

 Damage to Brain


 Increased heart rate with anxiety.

 Sudden movement of middle ear


 Drugs like benzodiazepines are linked with EHS

 Persons under age 10 and above 50 have higher risks of Exploding Head Syndrome. (14.1)

Diagnosis And Treatment To EHS

 In Exploding Head Syndrome, the physician follows some steps for the diagnostic approach.

 The Doctor needs to know when this imagined sound began. How often it occurs. Doctor examines all these things through a medical history examination report which is usually revealed by the bed partner.

 Physical Examination to know the physical causes for the syndrome.

 Polysomnography is done to test the person’s sleeping behavior. It is usually used as an examination tool in the sleep.

 Electroencephalogram or EEG is done to record the activities which are inappropriate. 

 Urine Drug Screen test is performed to govern the possibilities of the drug substance.


Control your stress – Possibilities are there if a person is suffering from EHS, he/she is under constant stress.

Consult Doctor – Consult doctor to assure that this is not a harmful disease. Because only doctors can diagnose such kind of syndromes through diagnostic measures. 

Be Patient – EHS resolves over time. It takes days to years for the disease to completely vanish. (14.2)

Prevention of the Disease

 Take proper sleep (6-8) hours.

 Eat balanced diet. According to the research if person consumes proper diet it leads to a healthy night sleep.

 Reduce your stress by playing games, reading books and any other activities which make you feel happy. 

 Don’t panic. Take deep breaths and relax.


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