How Can Color Therapy Help You Treat Lifestyle Diseases?

Colors enlighten our minds. While some colors are known to have a calming effect, there are some to have strong healing properties. Know what color therapy is and how it is beneficial for health.

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How Can Color Therapy Help You Treat Lifestyle Diseases?

How often do you play with colors? To be true, you live around colors; you see colors all the time. Light is considered one of the purest restorations in the universe. But have you ever wondered about its origin and effects? You might not know but, colors affect people behavior in many ways. While some may have a soothing effect, there are some to have disturbing effects (mentally and physically).

Colors play a crucial role in our lives. Different colors have a strong influence on the human mind and body. They are also known as the best healers. Like many other treatments, color therapy has gained immense popularity over the years and is considered one of the best treatments available today. Let us delve deeper into this and know more about its benefits and how it is carried out.

The Beginning of Color Therapy

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Augustus James Pleasanton is given credit for the color healing experiments which are now known as the ‘blue glass craze’. He claimed that during his experiments on grape vines in his laboratory, he was able to increase the production of grapes by giving sunlight with blue—filtered light.

His experiment led to the first study of chromotherapy in the 1870’s which later led to the publication of ‘Light and Its Rays as Medicine’ by Dr. S. Pancoast.

Later, Edwin Dwight Babbitt in 1876 announced that the atoms interacting with etheric forces produce the effects of light, electricity, and heat. He also claimed that his book ‘The Principles of Light and Color’ directly affected humans. Babbitt also suggested some methods by which people could make use of his claims. He said water bottle should be charged by putting it in a colored bottle. Then keep the bottle in sunlight. However, his experiments were soon forgotten. (14.1)

20th Century Color Therapy Treatment

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Indian physician Dinshah Pestanji Ghadiali tested the color therapy ideas on several patients with success. After World War I, Dinshah migrated to the US and became a citizen. There he worked on developing chromotherapy as a form of alternative therapy. He also took a degree in naturopathy and then purchased land in New Jersey to open an institute.

While he was trying to experience more on color healing, Ivah Bergh Whitten picked up on the speculations on the color of Annie Besant and Charles W Leadbeater. She became a lecturer for the Theosophical Society on her topic ‘The Occult Meaning of Color’.

During the 1970’s, color therapy struck a new age through the work of health journalist Linda Clark. Her ‘The Ancient Art of Color Therapy’ became the first book to reintroduce the topic to people after it had been pushed to the edge of the occult in the 1960’s.

Evaluation of Color Therapy

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Chromotherapy is not a new practice at all. During the ancient times, Greeks practiced color therapy by worshipping one of the famous Greek gods Apollo – the Sun God – the God of Light. Later, Physicists have explained light as a part of the electromagnetic energy. Visible light appears toward the center of the spectrum. On one side, there are ultraviolet rays, gamma rays, X-rays, and cosmic rays. On the other side, there are infrared, radio and electricity. Light is a form of energy, and human beings are seen as a living system that radiates energy.

Many physicists claim that the human body radiates energy outside of the visible light spectrum. Some claim the ability to see this light radiation and interpret its meaning. Color therapy treatment is also linked with crystals. It comes in a variety of colors that radiates different healing energies.

A Quick Overview on What is Color Therapy

Color therapy or Chromotherapy is an alternative therapy and an ancient form of healing that uses a combination of colors and light to treat physical and mental ailments. It is a type of holistic healing that mainly uses a spectrum of light and colors to change a person’s health. Chromotherapists uses light in the form of color and balances the energy in a person’s body.

Chromotherapy can be done through the eyes looking at color, or by focusing the particular color on an area of the body.

Nowadays, color therapy is used for treating disorders, addressing mental and emotional conditions, releasing pain and maintaining good health.

Just like radio and X-rays, color also has a vibration of energy. You might not know, but your body reacts to different colors. Chromotherapists uses these colors to restore equilibrium. When you need love, soft colors can be of assistance, when you are tired choose colors that restore your energy.

How is Color Therapy Beneficial for Your Health?

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The presence or absence of light has a strong effect on our physical and mental health. Let us know some benefits associated with color therapy.

  • Color therapy treatment is pain-free, and can easily be used to heal lifestyle associated problems. Moreover, it is safe and can be used for adults and children.
  • Color therapy is solely based on the power of colors and has the ability to change the current state of health and repair the shortcomings of the human mind and body.
  • Color therapy helps in relaxation and meditation and also transforms an individual.
  • Color therapy treatment balances the chakras in the body.
  • Each color in the color treatment therapy helps in the restoration of health in the human body which is an ultimate gift of color therapy.
  • It helps in the prevention of illness and the maintenance of good health.

How Can You Use Color Therapy to Improve Your Life?

Below are the ways you can use colors to shape your lifestyle.

1. When You Feel Low

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Do you know green color has a great connection to the environment? Whenever you feel low, explore gardens and feel the nature. In color therapy, the green color is associated with comfort and relaxation. It is used for healing and mainly used for relieving headaches. Moreover, green promotes compassion, a balance of love and understanding.

2. When You Lack Confidence

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A combination of red and black is sure to give you confidence when you needed it the most. If you have to attend a meeting, try wearing red and black to look more authoritative and confident. In color therapy, black and red are linked to confidence. Red is so powerful that it is also used to clear circulatory blockages. It is also associated with healing and stimulation of mind and body. Red gives us the power to pursue our dreams.

3. Go Energetic with Orange and Yellow

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Both orange and yellow energizes the mood and body. The orange color is useful in constraining the symptoms of diseases. Yellow is believed to be the restorative element of the nervous system and liver. It potentially helps in lifting our mood and helps in clarity. Orange is a great vitaliser, friendly and optimistic.

4. Connect with Your Intuition

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Purple helps to connect to your intuition. It is associated with psychic powers and activity. If your mind is not helping you solve your problems, get closer to inner feelings and expose yourself to purple.

5. Express Yourself With Blue Color

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Blue is connected to self-expression, honesty, and politeness. It helps with communication and helps in mental relaxation and organization. Blue is known to create peace and serenity. It is the color that promotes the truth and helps in communicating the needs and requirements. Also, blue is best used to explore creative sides. Use blue color in the writing room, or wear blue jewelry for a creative boost.

6. When You’re in a Stressful Situation

Whenever you are in stress, try using a combination of pastel blue and green colors. This light color combination works great in the room where you want to relax at work. Mainly green is particularly used for promoting calm in workspaces like clinics and hospitals. Green is the safest color to use. It should be taken from the middle of the spectrum.

Other Colors Used in Color Therapy and Their Functions

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  • Olive

Olive teaches the new beginnings, hope, and peace. It is considered as the color of new growth. Olive speaks of peace, feminine leadership qualities, space, and wisdom.

  • Turquoise

It stimulates the thymus center. Turquoise is good for the immune system, skin and gives mental relaxation. It regulates the large intestine system.

  • Magenta

Magenta connects with divine love. It connects us with our physical body. Magenta resonates above the Crown Chakra at the Soul Star Chakra. It is a hidden color that lies between red and violet.

  • White Clear

White contains all colors. It is about purity, softness, brilliance, illumination and merging with nature and spirit.

Colors and Chakras – How Color Therapy is Carried Out?

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Good health and body are achieved by balancing all the colors and energies. The colors (violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red) in the spectrum resonate with the energy of each of the seven main chakras of the body. There are some more colors which cannot be perceived by a normal eye.

Chakra is like a set of wheels which works like a working clock and needs an engine to move smoothly. Color therapy chart can help in rebalancing these energies by using the appropriate color to the body and thus balance our chakras. There are different ways of giving color to the body. It includes lamps with a color filter, color baths, solar ray therapy, crystals and gems, solarized water and more.

As babies, we first experience color in the womb. In the womb, we are covered in a comforting pink. Later, as a child, we include colors in our learning processes. When we get older, we attach memories and feelings to colors.

Just like any other treatment, color therapy begins by identifying the cause of the physical issue. A counselor or color therapist asks about your favorite colors. He then also helps you understand the significance of colors and their impact on daily life in terms of inspiration and relaxation.

While it is common to hear that light enters through eyes, it is also important to note that colors can enter through our skin. It is believed that according to the frequencies and vibrations, colors enter our body and activate the hormones. Then it causes chemical reactions in the body and enables the body to heal.

Red color relates to the base chakra, yellow belongs to the solar plexus chakra, orange belongs to the sacral chakra, indigo in brow chakra, violet belongs to the crown chakra, and blue refers to the throat chakra.

Concluding Thoughts

Ever thought why you choose to wear black for the party and white as casual wear? Or why you would never buy a yellow car? So, it is clear that you are influenced by colors.

Color therapists help us to understand the importance of colors and their impact on our daily lives in terms of healing, inspiration, and health.

Next time, whenever you come up with a range of disorders like anxiety, depression, and others, take color therapy treatment and see how it brings a change in your life. 


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