How Humans can Survive in Space? Or Is There Any likeliness to Survive Longer in Space?

Still wondering how humans can survive in space? And for how long they can survive in space? Almost everyone has a question about living in space and we have come with this article to unlock all your queries regarding survival in space.

6 years ago
How Humans can Survive in Space? Or Is There Any likeliness to Survive Longer in Space?

When it comes to living in the space things are not same as living on Earth. From body to hygiene factor everything is different there. Like on earth our lower body carries our weight but not really in space, even in space people cannot use legs much.

However, requirements for human life are comparatively easy to fulfill on a short-term basis. But, the problem of living in space becomes significantly more complicated when it comes to long-term stays.

It is not a normal stage, even in some situation human can faced bone loss. Because in space, the lack of gravity means that there is no stress on bones, which leads to severe bone loss. This is something very tough for astronauts' bodies. So, how do they help their muscles and bones?

Well, in order to keep their bones and muscles healthy they must exercise in space every day.

Not even the situation of legs get changed but, the heart and blood also work quite differently in space. In general, when we stand upon earth, blood moves downwards basically to our legs and heart has to work against gravity to move the blood all around the body. But, when it comes to space, without extra force and efforts of gravity the blood moves to the upper body and head. This situation makes the human (astronauts) look puffy especially their face.

When they come back to Earth they realize that they do not have enough fluids in their system ( Blood and water) and in order to live a healthy life they have to rest so that their bodies can make new fluids else they can suffer from extreme weakness and might even faint.

How can Human Survive in Space?

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Well, to survive in space, you will need almost everything a human being needs to survive on earth. Space is known as an environment that lack of food, water, air, room to move and gravity.

Things are really challenging and unique in space just like solar radiation but unless you are planning to be outside the solar system you can protect yourself from the solar radiation ( Your spaceship will protect you).

Although, it is pretty hard to stay on space for a long time but, there are few things which can help human beings to survive in space, at least for short term basis, let’s find out:

1) Spaceship

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Obviously, no one can survive in space without spaceship it is like just impossible. Whether it is a spacesuit that human can easily wear or a large room type structure that gives you the freedom to move, without a spaceship we cannot even imagine surviving in space. Reportedly humans can only survive around 15 seconds without a spacesuit.

2) Food & Water

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Water is certainly the most important fluid human system require. Even in space human need water, as it is a basic need to keep the body alive and clean. So, human need personal supply of water there. And when it comes to food they require the variety of foods for a balanced diet, they especially eat nutritious food, food that doesn't crumble.

3) Neat & Hygiene

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Personal hygiene is something human can’t be ignored even in space also they need to take care of hygiene. In space, human also use the soap and shampoo without water, but they usually do it with a sponge.

Do you ever think how astronauts poop in space toilets?

Sponge baths are more common than showers because it takes a lot of time and effort to take a shower in space. Also, they have to carry personal toothbrush and toothpaste in order to avoid a toothache.

4) Music

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Not everyone includes it in the list but, if the music is not in your space supplies; list then, you need to think twice. According to expert Psychologists listening and playing music will help the human in space to maintain a sense of regularity and normal life.

Like The ISS astronauts have guitars, a flute, and many other instruments. They often used these music things to keep the environment normal and healthy.

There’s no argument in that none of us can survive without plants, yes we can do but only on short-term basis only and with the help of these supplies only.


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