The Tunguska Event - Explosion More Powerful Than The Hiroshima (Atomic Bomb)

The Tunguska explosion is estimated to have been 100 times more vigorous than the bombing of Hiroshima and 1/3rd times powerful as the largest exploding atomic bomb, the Tsar Bomba.

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The Tunguska Event - Explosion More Powerful Than The Hiroshima (Atomic Bomb)

The Tunguska event was a massive explosion that happened near the Tunguska river in Krasnoyarsk Krai. Russia. It was on 30th June 1908 when this huge blast occurred in the air above Tunguska region, with the force of nuclear blasts. The heat generated by the blast entered the atmosphere and caused it to fall apart before hitting the ground. The Tunguska explosion destroyed more than 50 million trees. The sound of the blast was accompanied by the shocking waves that thumped people and broke the windows thousands of kilometers away. The witnesses revealed that the explosion was much brighter than the sun.

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It has been speculated that Tunguska event or explosion is the largest impact that is ever recorded in world's history. Since the event happened, more than 1000 scholarly papers published on the Tunguska event.

The Stony Tunguska River region was a remote area which consisted mosquitoes, forests, and swamps. Even after many years of Tunguska explosion the only mode of transport to reach the region is via helicopter or on foot. The only ones who wanted to reach the region were the tribesmen (Tungus).

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The Tunguska Event- is believed to happen by an incoming comet which didn't strike Earth but actually busted in the atmosphere causing air burst 5-10 kms above the Earth's surface.

Theories To The Tunguska Explosion

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According to many experts, the Tunguska explosion was caused by annihilation - a physical process that happens when particles collide with particles of opposite charges producing the huge amount of energy. But the antimatter theory detailed the phenomenon why no remnants of the comet were noticed in the area. In addition, the annihilation of the antimatter would have happened at the uppermost levels. (14.1)

Another hypothesis suggests that The Tunguska Explosion or 1908 Siberian explosion occurred by a small black hole crossing through the earth. This was formulated by American scientists Albert A. Jackson and Michael P Ryan. But this hypothesis was declared wrong by other scientists.

Some other high nickel concentrations and dust trails evidence also dismissed the hypothesis.

UFO Explosion

Russian writer Alexander Kazancev issued a novel "The Explosion"  and wrote his own details about the Tunguska explosion. According to his novel, the event was caused by the huge explosion of an extraterrestrial spaceship.


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