These 13 Different Signature Styles Hold Secrets About Your Personality

Big or small, your signature is full of secrets. But apart from being a collection of words, it reveals more about you than you may realize.

4 years ago
These 13 Different Signature Styles Hold Secrets About Your Personality

You may think signature as a symbol that you use only on important documents. But do you know this signature that you use reveals a lot about you? Be it a small, big, messy, or with dots, your signature shows a relationship between your personality.

You might have heard that several body parts, like eyes, lips, and tongue, reveals about your personality. But knowing about yourself that too with handwriting is something new and exciting. The signature sometimes is used confidentially. For instance, it is used when you have to repay a debt or when signing on a legal document. But it is also used in personal communications, sending birthday wishes to someone you love, and more.

Graphology, the study of written and printed symbols, believes in the idea that a person’s handwriting style reflects his/her personality. A recent study by psychologist Alvaro Mailhos of the Universidad de la República in Uruguay has revealed an interesting link between different styles of signatures and certain personality traits.

His team members took note of a few studies from the central tenets of graphology and their work and yielded some interesting results. They found that a bigger signature is associated with self-esteem. Women who sign on birthday cars showed a greater level of narcissism in comparison to women who do not show their signature in such ways.

Using the methods of graphology, researchers have revealed the intricate details about personality by examining signature/autograph.

Do you want to know what your signature speaks about you? But, before you directly jump into searching what your unique sign tells about your personality traits, take a pen, blank paper, and sign on it. Now let’s analyze it.

Note: The below signatures that reveal about your personality according to science has its limitations. More research is to be done.

1. A Straight Signature

Source = Scienceofpeople

If your sign is simple (easy-to-read) and straight, you are a balanced and even-tempered person. You are self-sufficient and very organized. Do you know Bill Gates has this signature style?

2. Ascending Signature

Source = Scienceofpeople

People who have an ascending signature style are creative, have a sense of ambition, optimism, and vitality. If they feel good, they angle upward.

3. Signature With Backward Loops in it

Source = Hubstatic

A person who signs with a backward loop in it thinks a lot about everything. He/she would take everything upon himself/herself and would be miserable until everyone is happy. Also, the person would tend to analyze actions.

4. Short Signature

Source = Colonialkc

People who create a short signature are believed to be impatient and to have a weak concentration. They are over-reactive and always try to move on to something else. For instance, they do not even pay attention to finishing their name (when they sign).

5. Size of Signature (Small, Medium and Large)

Source = Troab

Yes, the size of a signature matters a lot in revealing about your personality. It shows how you feel about the world around you.

  • Large Signature: People who have a large signature have higher self-esteem and confidence. Larger signature is also linked to higher levels of narcissism in women but not in men.
  • Medium-Sized Signature: Medium-sized signature shows a sense of modesty and values. Also, the person with a medium-sized signature possesses knowledge of how he or she is perceived.
  • Small-Sized Signature: People who have small-sized signature have low self-confidence and do not accept recognition of their worth. They are introverted, unassuming, and miserly with money and emotions.

6. Large Capital Letters

Source = Mithsonianmag

Large capital letters in a signature mean a person has a strong sense of self-worth. Besides self-esteem, he/she aims to make sure his/her presence is felt. Former President Barack Obama does his sign in large capital letters.

7. Underline Below Signature

Source = Webfeed360

While a few people underline below signature (only the surname is underlined), others underline full signature. People who underline only the surname are professional with an extroverted private nature,  while those who underline their complete signature are selfish and sensitive.

Underlining may indicate a need for importance. It sometimes also shows a lack of self-confidence and recognition.

8. Using Slant in the Signature

Source = Scienceofpeople

Slant line that is drawn downward, upward or rightward in signature reveals a lot about the person.

  • Right Slant: A person is bubbly and has an outgoing persona and is extremely social.
  • Left Slant: A person who never pushes himself/herself forward.
  • Downward Slant: A sign that slopes downward suggest a person is cautious and tends to weigh the risk of the decision before acting on a matter.
  • Upward Slant: People who use upward slant look forward towards the future. Apple’s Steve Wozniak signs with an upward slant that shows his abundance of self-esteem.

9. Nick Name

Source = Followingmyownyellowbrickroad

A nickname signature symbol reveals that a person is independent and confident his/her abilities. Also, those who sign with just initials are a private person.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerburg’s initials based signature suggests he is an extremely private person. However, each letter is capitalized that reveals he is much more confident and has a sense of self-esteem.

Do you sign with your nickname? Or do you know someone who signs with the nickname?

10. No Dots on I

Source = Hearstapps

This might sound to you a grammatical or careless mistake. But, it might be something else. People who commit this mistake knowingly focus on the bigger picture and not on the gritty details.

11. Placement of Signature

Source = Grafologiaypersonalidad

Not only the style and size of signature speaks about your personality, but the placement also matters. Like the layout of the page and margins discloses about the types of letters, similarly signature when done in the left, right, and middle shows different personalities.

  • Signature in the middle: People who sign in the middle of the page seek attention. 
  • Signature in the left: Those who sign on the left might seem to be avoiding the future. 
  • Signature in the right: People who sign in the right always look forward and are natural.

12. Size of the First Letter of the Signature

Source = Atf

The size of the first letter of signature tells about what the person feels or thinks of himself/herself while relating to the rest of the world. If the person signs with the first letter in the capital, he/she has more pronounced self-esteem. If it is in lowercase, then he/she is more grounded.

13. Addition of Embellishments

Source = Nyt

An additional stroke like an exclamation, long line to the end, curly cues, hearts, or underlining draws the attention of people. Meg Whitman of Hewlett-Packard adds a line to the end of the signature; this reveals that she is determined and persistent.

  • Lines Through Signature: People who use lines through signature are unhappy and self-critical.
  • Circles: They are defensive and want to be protected.

Things to Avoid When Signing

Source = Handwritinguniversity

Signature is done in several designs and fonts. It should always be unique and a bit complex so that no one could copy it to do some bad. However, there are a few things that should be avoided and are not convenient to use.

1. Crossed out or Wrapping Signature

Wrapping signature expresses fear of shyness and distrust. It shows selfish attitude, low self-esteem, lack of adaptation, insecurity, carelessness, guiltiness, and incompatibility with the family environment. If you have a signature with a vertical or horizontal strike, change it immediately as it shows self-hatred.

2. Signature With Unnecessary Dots

Unnecessary dots in the signature is interpreted as a reflexive individual with a desire for executing in a perfectionist way. This sign pattern should be avoided when signing on official and legal documents.

3. Signature in All Capital

Remember your signature tells who you are to the world, so it should be dressed well because it is believed that who signs like this wanted to appear better than others and in turn show their weaknesses and insecurities.

4. Extra Strokes in Signature

Extra strokes in a signature are no deal, but if you make this mistake more often, it means that you are lost in unimportant activities and waste a lot of time.

Final Words

Do you find this signature astrology interesting? Everyone’s signature is unique. It is a symbol of identity that is used to represent yourself to the public. More research is to be done in this area, but I find these results impressive. I recommend you to take note of the above characteristics and to draw a more detailed conclusion about it.

Do the above results, according to science, reveal the truth about how you are? If so, share your views below. Let us know who you are, and also help the researchers in finding more about your personality.


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