10 Tallest Women Recorded in History and Their Gut-Wrenching Stories

Do you know Sandra Elaine Allen was recognized by the Guinness World Record for being the tallest woman in her era? She was 7 feet 7 inches tall.

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10 Tallest Women Recorded in History and Their Gut-Wrenching Stories

You might be somewhere around 5 or 6 feet tall, but there are people in the world who are over 8 feet and gained the spotlight for this reason. While some of them acted in movies, others began to earn early due to their unique physical appearance. 

You would be amazed to know that the human body undergoes several changes until the person dies. Whether you are 4 ft or 8 ft, changes in the body are natural, and there is nothing that you can do for that. 

Likewise, you don’t need to do something extraordinary to add your name to the Guinness Book of World Records; sometimes, your height could do this for you. 

Let us know about the tallest women in the world and the truth behind their death.

1. Ella Ewing - 8 feet 4 inches

Source = Historicmissourians

Ella Kate Ewing was a Missouri woman, real-life giant, and also the world’s tallest female of her era. She was the only child of Anna Eliza and Benjamin F. When she was young: her family moved to Scotland County. Her abnormality appears after her 7th birthday.

When she turned 14, her height crossed other children, her parents, and other people measuring 6 ft 10 inches. Her height was a matter of dispute. Some claimed her height to be over 8 ft, but her mother said that her height growth stopped when she was 22, at 8ft 4 inches tall. 

However, the Guinness Book of Records stated that she measured 7ft 4 inches tall and might have reached 8feet ¾ inches tall by the time she died. Her professional career started when she was 22, and a museum owner from Chicago offered $1000 for a 27-day appearance at his establishment. 

2. Trijntje Keever- 8 feet 2 inches

Source = Wikia

Trijntje Cornelisdochter Keever is recognized as the tallest woman in history, measuring 8 feet 2 inches tall. She was the daughter of Anna Pouwels and Cornelis Keevera and died at the age of 17. Her parents took her to carnivals to earn money by allowing people to see her. She gained attention when she was nine years old and reached 6 ft 7 inches. 

3. Zeng Jinlian - 8 feet 1 ¾ inch

Source = Didyouknowstuff

She was the tallest woman recognized in modern times. She was born in 1964 and lived until 1982.  She belonged to Yujiang village in the Bright Moon Commune, Hunan Province, China. She began to grow when she was four months old and could lift 110lb when she was only 18 months old. 

Her mother was 5ft 2½ inches, and her father was 5ft 2 inches tall. His brothers were born normal. She suffered from scoliosis and could not stand up straight. She was 8feet and 1¾ inch tall. 

4. Anna Haining Bates - 7 feet 11 inches

Source = Naturalheightgrowth

Anna Haining Bates was a Canadian woman and another tallest woman known for her great stature of 7feet and 11 inches. During her birth, she weighed 16 pounds and was the third of 16 children. On her 4th birthday, she was over 4 feet. 

By her 15th birthday, she was 7 feet tall. She was excellent in music and literature and has also learned piano and acting lessons. In 1877, she and her husband purchased 53 ha of land and designed furniture according to their specifications. 

The main part of the house had 4.3m ceilings, while the doors were 2.4m tall. She conceived two children with Martin. The first child was a girl who died during birth. The next year, she delivered a boy who survived only for 11 hours. He was the largest newborn ever recorded at 10.7 kgs and nearly 30 inches tall. She died suddenly of heart failure in her sleep, one day before her 42nd birthday. 

5. Sandra Elaine Allen - 7 feet 7 inches

Source = Wpimg

Sandra Elaine Allen was an American actress and writer, recognized for her tall height. She wrote a book and grabbed the title of the tallest woman in the world for 16 years of her life. She was tall-heightened due to a tumor in a pituitary gland that caused it to release growth hormone uncontrollably. 

When she turned 22, she underwent surgery. Unfortunately, her height continued to grow, and she suffered from medical problems related to gigantism. Here are some rare medical conditions that could occur at any age. 

She mostly performed in the circus and was also featured in the movie Side Show and the American documentary film Being Different. In later years, she used a wheelchair because her tall legs didn’t support her tall statue in a standing position. On 13th August 2008, she died due to a blood infection, kidney failure, and breathing troubles. 

6. Carolina Rascón - 7 feet 5 inches

Source = Bobdiaz

Carolina Rascón belonged to a small mining village in Mexico and measured 7ft 5 inches tall. Not enough is known about her as she lived back in 1944. 

7. Delores Pullard - 7 feet 5 inches

Source = Worldblaze

Delores Pullard was 7ft 5 inches, but everyone said that she was 8ft tall. She was the tallest woman in the world back then and passed away in 1971 after surgery complications. 

8. Maria Fassnauer - 7 and a half feet

Source = Wikimedia

Maria Fassnauer was considered the tallest woman of her time. She was born to Josef and Theresia in Ridanna. When she was 21 years old, she was taken into service along with her sister as a waitress and as an attraction to be exhibited at receptions. 

Between 1906 to 1913, she toured fairs in Germany, England, and Austria in the traditional South Tyrolean costume on which they made her wear a male hat to give more attention to her height. After several health problems, she returned to her country and spent her last years. She died on the family farm when she was 38 years old due to heart failure. 

9. Malee Duangdee - 6 feet 8 inches

Source = Bangkokpost

Measuring 6 feet 8 inches tall, Malee Duangdee was recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the tallest woman in the world. She died of a heart attack in her hometown at the age of 24.  

The doctors said she had a long history of chronic diseases, including heart attack, brain tumor, and other diseases. Her tragic death also followed several illnesses related to high blood pressure. 

10. Maria Alexandrovna Stepanova - 6 feet 8 inches

Source = Networthpost

She is a Russian professional and Olympic basketball player and also the third tallest player in the league. Born in the village of Shpakovskaya and grew up in Tosno, Maria wears size 15 (US) shoes and is 6ft 8 inches tall. The other players in the league are 7 ft and nearly 6 feet 10 inches tall. 

Do you know about other tallest women in the world? Have you ever met any of them? Share your experience below.


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