10 Black Sand Beaches That You Must-Visit for a Distinctive Holiday Experience

The world is full of exotic and mesmerizing places. Read about black sand beaches that are known for their distinguishing features and mesmerizing views.

3 years ago
10 Black Sand Beaches That You Must-Visit for a Distinctive Holiday Experience

There’s nothing that could be better than relaxing on the beach to reduce stress and connect with loved ones. Whenever you hear about beaches, you think of the fascinating views, soothing atmosphere, and exotic locations. While some beaches are known for their nightlife and renowned art galleries, others are famous for black sand. 

Black sand is a partly magnetic mixture of sand and can be found as a part of the placer deposit. Another type of black sand can be found near a volcano and includes fragments of basalt. Some beaches like Perissa or Kamari are particularly black sand beaches; other colorful beaches can have deposits of black sand. 

If you are planning to go somewhere at a unique place and to cherish memories forever, then you must check out black sand beaches that can be visited anytime. 

1. Ficogrande Beach

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Located in the north of Sicily, Ficogrande is a black sand beach that covers two kilometers in the eastern part of the island. The first part of it is covered by local fishermen. The volcanic activity around the beach has given rise to several black sand beaches located on the island. 

To reach there, you have to travel to Messina and to ferry up to Ficogrande beach. The beach features umbrellas, lounge chairs, and concession stands. Ficogrande is also one of the busiest on the island of Stromboli, in Sicily. 

If you can’t take your chair on the beach, you can rent water sports equipment and deckchairs for a day. The beach is pet friendly, so you can take your pet and enjoy yourself with them. 

2. Punaluu Beach

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If you are visiting Hawaii for the first time and looking for a place that features fascinating and rare views, then Punaluu Beach should be your choice. It is a beach between Pahala and Naalehu on the big island of the US state of Hawaii. It has black sand made of basalt that is created by lava flowing into the ocean. 

The swimming area in Punaluu beach is extremely dangerous and is not good to swim in. There are fresh underwater springs in the bay. The water from springs is colder than the seawater and denser than freshwater. Here are other places in the world known for swimming

The beach is spread across a large area and features palm trees that highlight the place. It is also home to green sea turtles and other rare animals. If you find turtles on the beach, do not try to touch or feed them. 

Because of the constant volcanic activity, you can capture white and black sands on the beach. This black sand beach features a picnic area and restroom facilities, so you can enjoy the view and feel of black and white sand at any moment. Punaluu Beach also features endangered native animals like orange-black damselfly, Hawaiian Monk seal, and more. The beach can be easily reached from the Hawaii volcanoes via bus or car. 

3. Kamari Beach

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Kamari Beach highlights a long stretch of volcanic pebble and sand beach and is overlooked by nearby Mesa Vouno Mountain. Located in Greece, Kamari Beach lets you witness the steep holes of the Mesa Vouno. The place holds importance when it comes to witnessing the rich architecture and history. 

Apart from beauty, you can also capture and enjoy outdoor beaches and cafes. The place becomes a tourist destination during summer and spring. You can also find several luxurious resorts and other properties for a comfortable stay. 

It is composed of black volcanic sand with deep crystalline waters and palm trees. You can find diving centers where you can try snorkeling and other activities. Furthermore, bars, cafes, and night clubs can offer you an enjoyable time. 

The Santorini island has several tourist attractions like hotels and vineyards and welcomes millions of people annually. Here are other reasons why people fall in love with the islands of Santorini.

4. Miho Beach

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If you have ever been to Japan and didn’t visit Miho beach, then you have missed one of the beautiful places on earth. Miho beach is one of the popular black sand beaches in Japan. The beach is lined with pine trees and features black sand textures that give you a surreal experience. To reach Miho beach, you can find buses running from Shimizu station to the end of Miho Peninsula. 

Plan to visit Miho Beach during summertime, as the place is open for water sports and other outdoor activities. In Shizuoka, you can experience harvesting on a tea plantation and try hands-on farming experience. Additionally, you can enjoy viewing botanical gardens, theme parks, amusement parks, and aquariums. 

5. Anse Chastanet

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Do you know you can also swim in the sea of the black sand beach? Situated in St. Lucia, Anse Chastanet is a perfect location to explore around. This beautiful black sand beach is lined with palm trees and gives an amazing feeling that you can’t experience anywhere else. The sand here is not completely black, but more silver and golden and changes according to light. You can also enjoy water sports and other activities on the sand beach. 

The best way to reach Anse Chastanet is by renting a car from Saint Lucia or from the place where you are staying. After you have enjoyed yourself on the beach, dine-in at the restaurants outside that offer delicious cuisines. Furthermore, accommodation is not a problem here, as you can find several resorts and budget-friendly places with amenities for a day or two. 

6. Saint-Pierre Beach

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Situated in the town of Saint-Pierre, this exotic destination has a popular history. The town was destroyed in 1902 when Mount Pelee killed thousands of residents. It has become a popular tourist destination and welcomes thousands of people from everywhere. 

Today, the place features a volcanic sand beach and historic temples. Before heading for the seafront, pay a visit to the fascinating Place de la Mairie and the elegant city hall set in the old building. The place is popular with residents and tourists and is known for its golden sand beach. 

7. Monterrico Beach

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The town of Monterrico is located on the Pacific coast of Guatemala in the department of Santa Rosa. The place is famous for its volcanic sand beach and also serves as the weekend beach resort for locals. The natural reserve is stretched across a 13-mile section of beach and features small trees in brackish water. The town is known for waterfalls, blue pools, and indigenous culture. 

Tourists prefer it as a lazy beach travel destination where they can spend quality time with their favorite people. Watch the waves, read your favorite book, take a dive into the sea, and have fun. Aside from beaches, you can also join several tours to Hawaii-Monterrico beach. Every year between June and December, thousands of turtles come at night and lay their eggs here. 

So, this is an excellent opportunity to see turtles closely. Monterrico is also a great place to see other animals. The touring guide takes you to mangrove forest and tule grasses. To reach Monterrico beach, hire a car through a travel agency or take a ferry through Canal de Chiquimulilla. Accommodation is not a matter of discussion here, as the place offers several restaurants and beach hotels at cheaper rates. 

8. Playa Pavones

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Located in the Puntarenas region, Playa Pavones is home to the largest prehistoric rainforest along the Central American Pacific coast. It is a popular destination for surfing and features rocky coves. Other than surfing, you can also go horseback riding and hiking into the rainforests. Pavones is a small village with few amenities. It has no ATMs, so better you take a bag full of cash to enjoy here. 

The town is full of locals and a few tourists who have come here for surfing. At the end of the day, you can enjoy a colorful sunset and listen to waves crashing at the shoreline. While Pavones might not be known to people, it is popular amongst surfers. Old and young people, girls, and everyone come here for surfing and to walk through the Rio Claro river.  The river cuts through the town of Pavones and falls into the Golfo Dulce. 

The wildlife here is no different from other places. You can capture varieties of birds, blazing red feathers, and chirping in a beautiful voice. If you are a shopaholic, then you can’t miss buying traditional products from locals that can be gifted on any occasion. The place has lots of accommodation options. You can buy a private room, shared dorms, and cabins for a stay. 

9. Waianapanapa Beach

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Waianapanapa is a unique beach. It comprises a seabird colony, sea stacks, hidden blowholes, ancient lava caves, and other sites. When you see water on a sunny day, you can notice the unparalleled black sand beach on the island of Maui that’s nestled in a private cove. 

The pools at the park turn red several times. Scientists believe that this happens due to the arrival of small shrimp. However, people believe that it is the blood of Popoaleae, a princess who was murdered in a lava tube by her husband. The beach and other formations along the coast were created by waves when they crashed over hot lava that flowed from the volcano Haleakala.

The natural features of Waianapanapa beach include a natural arch, blowholes, sea stacks, seabird colonies, and more. A beautiful coastline, picturesque sea arches, and blowholes are the attraction here.

Hawaii is deeply connected with the land. To enter the Hawaiian caves: dive into the freshwater pools called Waianapanapa and enjoy. On land, the valleys of the green jungle give way to the black basalt lava coastline. Outside the sea, the deep blue ocean and white waves look beautiful and mesmerizing. 

10. Papenoo Beach

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One of the beautiful sections of Tahiti is Papenoo valley. It is a jungle full of black sand and waterfalls. The beach has no cafes and bathrooms and is popular amongst surfers. 

It features ebony sands and clear blue waters of the South Pacific. The place can be reached by car or taxi from Papeete. 

The island is home to several beaches and has something for everyone. It is perfect for surfers, so bring one board if you want to enjoy surfing. The natural wonders like Arahoho Blowhole and waterfall make Papenoo beach a great spot for everyone. 

Other places that you can visit in Tahiti are Toaroto beach, venus point beach, and more. The perfect time to visit Papenoo beach is during Summer and in December. If you plan to visit Tahiti, make sure that you visit the Fautaua waterfall, Papeete, Moorea, and museums. 

Final Words

Have you heard or visited black sand beaches before? How was your experience? Yay or nay? If not these beaches, then here are other astonishing water bodies that you plan for a vacation

Do you know other black sand beaches that are worth visiting and could give you a surreal experience? Share your views. 


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