10 Hottest Cities From Around The World

There are some places on the earth where extreme heat is not an occurrence on the basis of a particular period rather it is a perpetual state.

6 years ago
10 Hottest Cities From Around The World

We put a lot of effort in maintaining the cool environment inside our home to get relief from the hot temperature outside. Air conditioners, coolers, and fans are the basic requirements to make you feel cool even in the hot climate. There are some regions where people wait for the summers to enjoy the holidays and sun exposure. But some cities have a perpetual hot climate where heat is unbearable.

Here is the list of some hottest cities recorded in the world:

1) Dallas, Texas

Source = Sparefoot

It was on 26th June 1980 when the temperature of Dallas reached the height. It was recorded that the temperature hit 45 degree celsius and on the very next day it was recorded again. Thus, Dallas, Texas is considered to be among the list of the hottest cities. The city is huge and it provides ample of opportunities for the people who live there in the entertainment field as well as work. (17.1)

2) Bangkok, Thailand

Source = Asiawebdirect

According to the meteorological estimations, Bangkok is considered to be the hottest cities on the planet. Though it does not mark any temperature peak it remains perpetual throughout the year. Despite its weather and climatic conditions, there are a lot of some of the hottest places which are tourist attractions as well. The iconic landmarks enhance the city’s beauty. (17.2)

3) Las Vegas, Nevada

Source = Pixabay

Las Vegas is situated in the middle of the Nevada's arid desert. During the day the temperature reaches about 40-degree Celsius and sometimes it is recorded even higher. The crisp heat becomes a problem for the tourist who is unprepared for the tour. The Las Vegas is situated near the death valley which is the hottest place in the world. (17.3)

4) Cairo, Egypt

Source = Presidential-aviation

This city is situated on the bank of the Nile river. It is the largest city in Africa and is the one of the hottest city in Africa. The Cairo receives heat from the desert and humidity due to the presence of Nile river. The intense heat and the humidity make the place hotter in the summer. (17.4)

5) Mexicali, Mexico

Source = Ontheroadin

The California is the city which experiences extreme temperatures and Mexicali is the hub of it. The metropolis receives around 40-degree Celsius and even more during the summers. The hot periods and boosting temperatures make it uncomfortable for the residents. (17.5)

6) Mecca, Saudi Arabia

Source = Bstatic

Mecca is the holiest city of the Islam and is the scorchingly hot destination. The hottest temperature reaches up to 49-degree Celsius and even in winters, it remains warm. This place is the home to the world’s largest mosque Masjid al-Haram, and the Kaaba. It is considered as the house of Allah. (17.6)

7) Rajgarh, Rajasthan, India

Source = Rextours

Rajgarh situated in Rajasthan experiences the deserted heat in the afternoons. The place experiences the soaring heat which reaches up to 50-degree Celsius. Due to increase in the temperature people are reported to have died due to the heat waves around the city. (17.7)

8) Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Source = Blogspot

Kuala Lumpur is a destination place for shopping and multicultural nature. The area is remembered by the tourist as the sweltering place with high humidity all around the year. The place experiences intense heat and hot waves in the city. (17.8)

9) Phoenix, Arizona

Source = Drafttournament

Phoenix is the hottest city in the United States as far as the information put on the United States weather channel. The city is situated in the Arizona desert and records an exceed in the temperature up to 40 degrees Celsius. (17.9)

10) Kuwait, Kuwait City

Source = Thousandwonders

This city is the another contender for the title of hottest cities in the summertime. It rains on an average for just 19 days in a year which is less. Therefore we can easily understand how much intense hot it must be throughout the year. (17.10)

These are some of the hottest cities which are visited by the tourist because of iconic landmarks and their unique specialties from all over the world.


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