10 Most Popular Lakes From Different Corners Of The World

Who would not love to sit near the lake and have a cup of tea or coffee enjoying the day in the lap of nature? M sure, we all will love to do that, Isn't it?

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10 Most Popular Lakes From Different Corners Of The World

Nature has some beautiful lakes which seems as if the zenith has descended on the Earth. These amazing creation of nature are alluring and mesmerizing. One can spend hours gazing beauty of the lake enriched with mountains. These lakes are so beautiful that anyone can fall in love with them.

Throwing pebbles or seeing, your reflection in the water, everything seems to be perfect there. Visiting them with your loved ones, enjoying the serenity and calmness, holding your partner's hand will add some unforgettable memories to your lives.

Here is a list of some lakes in the world which will make you feel as if you are in Zenith.

1) Lake Kawaguchi, Japan

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Lake Kawaguchi is the best place to visit and see the mesmerizing views of the Mount Fuji in the Crystalline Water of the lake. This place becomes more beautiful during the cherry blossoms in the month of April and looks stunning in the autumn seasons with fiery colors of red, orange and yellow.

It is Japan’s most beautiful lake in the foothills of the famous mountain Mount Fuji. If you are on the vacation tour then do not miss the opportunity to visit this incredible lake.

2) Lake Nakuru, Kenya

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Lake Nakuru is located in the East Africa’s rift valley. It is the masterpiece of the Nakuru National Park. The Lake has achieved its fame by the hundreds of Flamingo’s which decorates the edge of the water.

It is one of the most memorable sights in Africa. Millions of flamingo’s on the shore make the landscape into the sea of fuchsia which is adorable to look.

3) Lake Maligne, Canada

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Lake Maligne is bright blue in color with spruce and pine trees, cutting the snowy mountains and making it one of the most beautiful places to visit. The lake is home to a variety of wildlife species which includes black and greasy bears, moose and black eagles. The lake is a complete brimming adventure to experience.

The best time to visit the lake is in the month of May or October. Because during this period you will be able to see the stunning beauty of the lake and can enjoy canoeing, camping, and hiking.

4) Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

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Most people might never have heard of the lake before. It is surrounded by the volcanoes in Guatemala Highlands. The lake’s clear sky and tempting water are beautiful to admire. It is home to the number of local Mayan villages.

But once you will visit the place, you will not stop yourself from talking about them. The visitors get attracted towards the serene ambience and the volcanic lineage. It is a place which you must visit once.

5) Dal Lake, India

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Dal Lake is located in Kashmir which is known as the heaven of the Earth. The place is blessed with some exotic natural beauty, landscapes, and the water bodies.

Dal Lake is one the most beautiful lake in India. Colourful shikaras, floating gardens, and houseboats are the greatest attractions of the lake. The lake is known as the Jewel in the crown of the Kashmir. People from all over the world come to see its marvelous beauty.

6) West Lake, China

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The beauty of the lake is not just the landscape of Hangzhou, but rather it also includes the lifestyle of the residents who live nearby. They treat the lake as a vast sunrise wellness.

They walk the place by listening Chinese music with radio in hands. The place provides ample of opportunity to click photographs. So, if you planning a tour to China, do not forget to visit the lake.

7) Inle Lake, Myanmar

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The lake has amazingly built stilt houses, Buddhist temples, floating gardens that fringe the water edge.  The lake is home to colorful tribes and busy markets. The most attracting part of the lake is the distinctive sight of the fisherman to row the boat with the single leg.

It is because the lake is covered with reeds which do not let the boat to navigate with ease. Thus they, have found an extraordinary way to row the boats. Nothing will beat the pleasure of boat ride from the best vantage.

8) General Carrera Lake, Argentina

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General Carrera lake lies in the heart of Patagonia. The lakes striking glaciers hides a lot of natural wonders to admire it. Marvel caves in the shimmering Turquoise water makes the place fascinating.

The lake is advised to be visited during the summer season as during that period of time you can explore a lot of areas of the lake. Depending on the weather conditions you all have the possibility to walk on the marble caves present in the lake.

9) Ohrid Lake, Macedonia

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The Lake Ohrid is three to four million old. Europe’s lake is the best for exploring. The lake is perfect for water activities. The lake and the Ohrid city is UNESCO’s world heritage site. Other than scuba diving you can also experience the underwater remains of the Neolithic settlements after gaining the special permission.

The best time to visit the lake is in September because at that period the accommodation prices are cheap and moreover the number of visitors is less. Although the weather invites the tourist throughout the year.

10) Lake Wakatipu, New Zealand

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Lake Wakatipu is the New Zealand’s largest playground for enjoying the water activities and hiking trails. If you are looking for a place where you could enjoy the scenic beauty with a dose of adventure then this place is a perfect for it.

The lake is surrounded by mountains and is the main reason which distinguishes this lake from the rest lakes in New Zealand.  To enjoy the most of the lake you can book a helicopter to see all its rugged beauty.

These are some beautiful lakes to plan your coming Vacations.


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