10 Well-Known Museums For Kids In America

‘Hands-On Learning’ and ‘Learn By Fun’ are some phrases which have proved to be true in America's kid's museum. Plan a family trip to these museums and let your kids’ imagination fly high.

6 years ago
10 Well-Known Museums For Kids In America

Museums are a place where different items are exhibited from various fields to make you understand and learn about them. But kids’ museum allows them to touch, feel, create and innovate their own products.

Children learn while playing and riding on different swings here. These museums provide a platform for kids to explore and develop their imaginations. Kids believe in their dreams and try to make them true here. There are many museums in America that are worth visiting.

Here is a list of 10 best museums for kids in America.

1) Please Touch Museum, Philadelphia

Source = Visitphilly

Please Touch Museum invites kids to come and play. Each section of the building is designed in such a way that children get ample of opportunities to learn and explore.

Little older kids will love to see Alice in Wonderland whereas toddlers can enjoy safely in the fairy tale garden. It was one of the first museums in the nation that was established for the development of children who are less than 7 years. It provides hand-on activities based on science and nature. Do not forget to take your children there.

2) Children’s Museum Indianapolis, Indiana

Source = Childrensmuseum

It is the nation’s largest museum which is dedicated to children’s education, creativity, and recreation. Indianapolis exhibits everything from science, art & culture, history and dinosaurs. This is the oldest museum in the US.

This museum’s major attraction is ‘Dinosphere’ which allows children to not only see dinosaurs but also touch their bones. Other attractions include rock climbing, searching for frogs in the ponds, digging the Earth and do many other interesting things.

3) Boston Children’s Museum - Boston, Massachusetts

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It is the first green museum in the nation because of its eco-friendly landscapes. Children can enjoy according to their interests as the museum has everything from art, music, science, buildings and ample of other things which they can see and play with.

There is even a special room for kids below age of 3. The museum can easily be reached by the public transportation. This century-old museum helps children learn and have different experiences of life.

4) Children’s Museum Houston - Houston, Texas

Source = Popsugar-assets

This museum will make your children feel as if they are stepping into a new world. ‘Kidtropolis’ is a place where children run the city. They have their own office, shops, banks and city halls. These places were established for kids to understand occupations and economics.

Children under the age of 3 can play in the padded area and can even roll in the ball pit. And little older kids can create and innovate gadgets and gizmos on their own. It even hosts some events in the autumn to explore moon’s phases.

5) Port Discovery Children’s Museum - Baltimore, Maryland

Source = Wordpress

Post Discovery Children’s Museum has everything for kids of any interests. Whether the child wants to become an artist, an entrepreneur, soccer player, scientist or musician, they have something for every kid. Children get attracted towards the Wonders of Water, Tot Trails and Kick-Ups.

You can plan a visit to this museum with your kids on some special events and occasions. It does not allow families to bring snacks and backpacks. They have a cafeteria where the visiting folks can enjoy if they want to eat something at museum’s site.

6) Minnesota Children’s Museum - St. Paul, Minnesota

Source = Startribune

It is a huge success that six million kids and their families have visited this museum. The activities include art on the rooftop, pretending neighbors, local habitats and much more. This museum is located in St. Paul missionary.

Museum has expanded in size so that kids may get more space to enjoy.  For toddlers, the museum has ‘Habitot’ which attracts them towards it. There’s also an in-house restaurant where children can either serve be the chef.

7) Children’s Museum Of Denver

Source = Cloudinary

Let your child innovate anything like helicopters and trucks, crawl through the ant hole, explore a real fire truck or act as a chef. It is a non-profitable organization with near about 3,50,000 people visitors every year.

It has ample of sections where you can go and explore some remarkable things. Kids will love to spend their time here. So, do visit this wonderful museum with your kids.

8) Kohl’s Children's Museum - Chicago, Illinois

Source = Helpmamaremote

Kohl museum is not just about playing and learning rather it is a place where kids can feel empowered and accepted. They are free to create and develop things from the material provided. It helps them develop their confidence.

They can play music, do video calls with the visitors, paint their faces with washable crayons, care for newborn baby dolls and much more. People who visit this place with their kids for once love visiting here again and again.

9) Treehouse Children’s Museum, Utah

Source = Azureedge

It is a great place for children to experience interactive storytelling, horse riding and other educational programmes. It also exhibits art shows for those who are looking for creative and engaging performances.

A family can thoroughly enjoy its holiday in a fun learning atmosphere. It is a place where they can enjoy wholeheartedly without even realizing what all they have learned. Take your children to this amazing museum for great fun and learning.

10) Wow! Children’s Museum - Lafayette, Colorado

Source = 10bestmedia

Wow! Children’s Museum is a nonprofit organization where children can learn and enjoy at the same time. This museum exhibits a diverse range of programmes which can help them get inspiration. Children as young as a year old can also be brought here a handful of programmes are exhibited for them as well.

Families can spend a whole day at the museum as a trip. They are encouraged to bring their food and snacks which they can eat at the picnic tables provided in the outdoor areas. It is a perfect place for fun learning.

These are some wonderful museums where kids can play, enjoy, learn, explore, create and discover things on their own. It not only enhances their confidence but also inculcates feelings of doing something unique.


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