5 Cheapest Cities In America To Settle In

Planning to relocate to the States but don’t really have a huge budget? Why not check out this list of cheapest American cities for settling in.

3 years ago
5 Cheapest Cities In America To Settle In

Who doesn’t wants to live the American dream! And for that, you obviously need to start somewhere. You can begin by exploring the cities that are not only progressive but also offer an affordable standard of living.

And in order to identify the livable cheapest cities in the US, cost of living index, average housing price, job prospects and a lot of other factors are taken into consideration.

So let’s now take a look at some of the cheapest cities of America facilitating a comfy living.

1. Kansas City, Missouri

Source = Ewallpapers

Kansas City is a town full of food and culture majorly for buyers. The median housing price for a 3 or 4 bedroom is $110K. Also, a couple of movie tickets will cost you just $10. Now just compare it with the $15 ticket (per head) for the Times Square AMC in NYC.

According to numbeo.com, the Cost of Living Index of Kansas City is 69.90.

2. Indianapolis, Indiana

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Indianapolis is a thriving midwestern city that is geographically located in state’s centre. This transportation hub is within 3-4 hours’ distance from some of the major cities, making it great for people who have to travel for work.

Well-maintained highway systems, stunning cityscape and astonishingly high-tech economy make it one of the cities offering high quality of life and low living costs. According to numbeo.com, the Cost of Living Index of Indianapolis is 80.87.

3. Des Moines, Iowa

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Des Moines is a heartland city in Iowa with an economic sweet spot. The much talk about this town has transformed the city’s center into an urban hub for students, graduates and entrepreneurs. A destination called “Silicon Prairie” has booming tech businesses which were formerly home to the cornfields and pastures.

In spite of such economic growth, Des Moines gains its spot among the most affordable and friendly metropolitan areas. According to numbeo.com, the Cost of Living Index of Des Moines is 77.79.

4. Birmingham, Alabama

Source = Getfetched

Alabama’s Birmingham is located near the southern terminus of Appalachian Mountains. Steel industry has been at the core of this Alabama’s largest city. Now more than being just the ‘furnace of the South’, it has other than railcars and forges. This mid-sized city has a charming small-town vibe where rent wouldn’t be over $800.

As a regional business center, Birmingham has many decently compensated white-collar professionals whose even average salaries leads to luxurious lifestyles. According to numbeo.com, the Cost of Living Index of Birmingham is 75.32.

5. Grand Rapids, Michigan

If you’re looking to spend a quality life where time of commute is short and crime rates are low, then you should consider Michigan’s second largest city Grand Rapids. Quite an affordable place to live in, the average home price is only about $150,000. So the residents spend not more than 30% of their incomes on living expenses. Well, that doesn’t sound bad at all! 

According to numbeo.com, the Cost of Living Index of Grand Rapids is 78.54. (17.1)


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