8 Points to Keep in Mind While Travelling to Unknown Places

Here is a list of the most important points which are to be kept in mind while travelling to unknown places that would save you from facing unwanted trouble and let you enjoy the trip

6 years ago
8 Points to Keep in Mind While Travelling to Unknown Places

Travelling around the world can be a great fun to experience where you get across different cultures and learn to see the other side of things, well it is not true with every destination we tend to travel especially when you reach an unknown place without a plan then you have to be very smart as you may face some unwanted troubles.

There is no need to worry as we have some simple and smart tips that would help you from any possible threats while travelling without a set plan.

1) Healthcare

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The very first thing which you need to pay attention is your health whether you are travelling according to your plan or it is an unplanned visit to your surprise. Getting a travel insurance is a foremost step to avoid any troublesome condition. There are some important medical stuff that you must always carry such as an analgesic, antibiotics for cough and cold, lotions and ointments for blisters and wounds, medical insurance card, wound dressing, regular prescription medicines if any, medical equipments, digital thermometer, antifungal or antibacterial creams and lotions etc. You may need it more or less depending on the activities you undertake and the places you visit. Use this checklist as a guide to the stuff you may need.

2) Money

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Although carrying debit cards and credit cards is the safest option but it is advisable to carry some hard cash or other alternatives at places like bus stops or stations where multi-use tickets is quite common as this reduces the chances of losing your wallet.

Apart from this you must carry extra cash, divide your money into sections and keep it safe at multiple places this would help you save enough money even if your bag is lost. Moreover you must keep loose currency handy to avoid exchange of large currency notes.

3) Conveyance

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Get yourself acquainted with the transport system of the place in case you have a surprise trip, this helps in keeping track of the multiple connections available towards a destination. Moreover this helps in avoiding any unwanted or intrusive conversations in an attempt to ask others in regard to conveyance and the prevailing transport system of a city, henceforth abstaining from divulging any confidential information on your part.

4) Being Tech Savvy

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Nowadays, technology has changed which has made travelling better in terms of digitized navigation that has made simpler for all of us to roam around without hassle.

Even in case when we are travelling to remote locations that are completely unknown to us; the technological enhancements can save us a lot of time and energy when we are struggling halfway to reach our exact location. In this way, being technologically updated improves the life as a traveller. Even, you should also read this creative ideas for inexpensive travelling.

5) Culture

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It is the best favour that you can do to yourself is to get well versed with cultural immersions while travelling to unknown places. It’s quite tough to get around the crowd when you are really unfamiliar with the basics and holds you back from experiencing the real deal, on the other hand if you are acquainted with the culture it atleast helps you to get yourself a cultural rendition for yourself.

6) Political Impact

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It is advisable to keep a check on the political conditions of the place you are in as it does impact the travellers in case it has adverse political situations. Being vigilant of the political scenario the country holds, is important as adverse political conditions can cause upheavals and unwanted turmoils which will eventually hinder the travelling experience, hence find all the aspects being at the place and stay safe.

7) Safety

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Enjoying solitude being on the vacation in an unknown place is a great idea but don’t go too under the radar, it is advisable to leave an emergency contact number with your trusted friends so they can alert the authorities on your behalf in case of a mishappening.

Apart from this always keep a scan copy of all your important documents like passport, identity proofs, travel cards and save emergency numbers of the current location alongwith it to avoid any trouble.

8) Set Personal Rules

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Favour yourself by making a rule book and make sure you follow the rules to avoid any unforeseen dangers while travelling to unknown locations. Here are some safety measure that you can follow to ensure personal safety-

  • Awareness is the best way to stay safe so always stay vigilant of the prevailing environment and avoid being too comfortable in an unknown location to avoid petty thefts.
  • Always try to maintain a low profile, never flash your valuables and avoid getting too personal in unknown places firstly observe the people around you, set boundaries and limit your conversation to general topics.
  • Avoid sharing cabs and rickshaws with strangers who may not be good at intentions and try commuting alone.
  • Take not of all emergency numbers and important landmarks to avoid getting lost.
  • Avoid travelling in the dark and try catching your conveyance from a spot which is well illuminated.
  • Always use public transport rather than private cabs as they are legitimate and take note of the information pertinent to the conveyance you tend to use.
  • Try not to get overheard by stranger when catching a cab or a taxi, you may divulge some private and personal information about yourself.

Take note of all the above mentioned points and avoid further botheration. Hope you enjoyed reading and this will help you from the next time you have chance to get a surprise visit to unknown places.

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