The Brave Men’s Bridge in Pingjiang Shiniuzhai Geopark is the World’s Longest Glass Bottomed Bridge

Shinizhui National Geological Park (Pingjiang Shiniuzhai Geopark) in China has the world’s first glass-bottomed bridge ‘Brave Men’s Bridge.’ Read more here.

7 years ago
The Brave Men’s Bridge in Pingjiang Shiniuzhai Geopark is the World’s Longest Glass Bottomed Bridge

China is a sovereign state in East Asia that is the most populous country in the world, with a population of over 1.39 billion people and also the second-largest country in the world. With an approximately 9,600,000 km square of area, China is covered with beautiful forest and misty mountains as well as adventure with new glass-bottom bridges.

Shiniuzhui National Geological Park or Pingjiang Shiniuzhai Geopark is situated in Hunan in Pingjiang County. It is one of the protected areas of China. Opened in 2016, the Brave Men’s Bridge is the country’s first and world’s longest & tallest glass-bottomed bridge. 

Know more about it and the nearby attractions here.  

Brave Men’s Bridge (Haohan Qiao) - The Glass Walkway in Shiniuzhai Geopark

Source = Cnn

Shiniuzhai Geopark Bridge (or Brave Men’s Bridge) links the two peaks of Stone Buddha Mountain (also known as the Avatar Mountains as the film was shot here) at 540m above sea level in Zhangjiajie, Hunan province. This is the world’s longest and tallest glass-bottomed walkway, i.e., 984 feet (300m) long and 180m above the ground. 

The bridge’s floor is made up of double-layered glass panes that are 24mm thick and are 25 times stronger than regular window glass. Previously, the bridge had been made of wood, but 11 engineers’ hard work and creativity converted it into the glass back in 2014 and is referred to as a ‘Hero bridge.’

Interestingly, this bridge’s name originated by word of mouth was named Brave Men’s Bridge as anyone who could cross the dreadful bridge is a truly brave man. In Chinese, it is called Haohan Qiao.  

It is the country’s first high altitude glass-bottomed bridge and the longest zipline in Asia and is a glass suspension bridge that has a body made up of two main steel wires and six base steel wires with wooden planks as the base. 

Zhangjiajie Glass Footpath - The Skywalk Bridge in Zhangjiajie, Hunan

Source = Wired

Zhangjiajie Glass Footpath is a transparent, glass-bottomed skywalk bridge above the Wulingyan area. It was the world’s longest and tallest bridge when it opened. It is 1410 feet long and 20 feet wide and is suspended 980 feet above the ground. It was designed by the Israeli architect Haim Dotan, and it allowed up to 800 visitors at a time. It has four support pillars on the edges of the canyon walls and is a 2-inch thick slab of tempered glass.  

It was briefly closed for about a month soon after it was reopened and updated the attraction with car parks, ticket booking system, and has set ten world records for its destruction and design. It has three long swings attached to the underside of the bridge, and there’s a provision for making a 955 feet long bungee jump, which is considered the highest in the world.  

Ten Miles Cliff

Source = Gbcghana

The Ten Miles Cliff is a cliff located at the center of the Shinizhuai National Geopark. The cliff has artificial plan structures that are built to act as walking paths for the tourist. It is one of the biggest Danxia cliffs in China.  

So have you ever visited the glass-bottomed bridges of China? If yes, how was your experience? Do share with us in the comments section below. 


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