Procida: A Breathtakingly Mesmerizing Place with Colorful Houses & Beaches

Procida is one of the beautiful islands off the coast of Naples in southern Italy. It got its name from the Latin name Prochyta and is every photographer’s dream.

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Procida: A Breathtakingly Mesmerizing Place with Colorful Houses & Beaches

Which is the first place you would want to visit or plan for the holiday - Island or beautiful lakes? Be it a lake, an island, or a beach, exploring these natural formations is a lovely moment. If you are an explorer and looking for a place that is exotic and peaceful at the same time, then you must visit Procida for vacay. 

It is one of the beautiful and the smallest islands situated along the Gulf of Naples and has ancient excavations belonging to this place. The place is known for its beauty and an amazing coastline that attracts millions of visitors every year. It is not known internationally but is one of the captivating islands where everyone has personal villas. 

If you ever visit this place, you would see beautiful houses in the shades of pink and yellow with the contrast of green orchids and gardens.

Colorful Procida - A Little-Known Gem of the Gulf of Naples

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This place would win your heart when you would visit it for the first time. It has narrow streets, colorful boats, and high walls hiding cube-shaped houses, amazing gardens, and sandy beaches. The island is only 4kms and can be walked everywhere. 

The best way to explore this wonderful place is through a boat. Its sun-bleached streets and black sand beaches are the domains of Procida island. Paintwork here is faded, doors are ancient, and the streets are enlivened with bougainvillea and tiny white jasmine. 

It is heavily populated with over 10,000 residents living in less than 2 miles. The place can be visited in a day and has frequent ferry services for a day exploring. 

Getting Around Procida and Attractions to Visit

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Several mesmerizing places here welcome the tourists around. Marina Grande is the harbor of the island where ferry services are available to get you around this region. This place is also a port of call for all the hydrofoils coming from Naples and getting to other places. Procida has three famous ports. One of the biggest and most famous port here is Marina Grande, where you can find several bars and restaurants. 

Piazza Dei is the main square from where you can access Torre Murata, the highest point of the island. It is believed that this place is protected by the walls of the 16th century and was the Procida rulers’ residence. Reach the highest point, and you could capture stunning views of the island and surrounding places. 

Climb further, and you will reach Marina Della Corricella, which is a scenic harbor and have colorful homes and small streets. It is the 17th-century port known for its magnificent architecture. 

Marina is the oldest village in Procida. It is the best place for photography as it consists of beautiful terraces, balconies, uniquely-shaped buildings, and staircases. You can also see a red food truck, serving beer and vegan cakes. Turn left from the place, and you will reach Punta Pizzaco, where you can capture the best views of the island. 

Terra Murata is a beautiful village located at the highest point of Procida. The main and the tourist attraction here is the Palazzo d’Avalos. The building was built in the 16th century and turned into a prison in the late 1800s. 

You can also capture here traditional houses and the 16th-century Abbey of San Michele Arcangelo. The place is peaceful and shares the beautiful views of the island. 

Casale Vascello is a small courtyard of the traditional house and features the outside staircases and arched windows. 

Beaches in Procida

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This exotic place has several beaches nearby. The nearest beach is a few minutes’ walks to the right as you go through ferry. Another small beach is located on the small sides of the far side of the marina and has steps climbing towards the town. 

Chiaia is halfway along the island’s length and is on the eastern shore of Corricella. It is one of the oddest beaches that has clean water and blackish sand. And if you are a beach freak, then you can plan to visit these beach destinations with your folks

Where to Find Accommodation in Procida?

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While you might not find several hotels for accommodation, you can find some options over Airbnb. Margarita’s house has a two-bedroom apartment. It is spacious, clean, and has an amazing terrace view. It is located at the center of the island and is close to Ciraccio beach. You can also take the help of locals to get you at the safest place to stay. 

If you are looking for a budget-friendly stay, then a few hotels here offer breakfast and stay at €100 or less. La suite Resort & Spa features an outdoor swimming pool, ice fountain relaxation area, and aromatherapy. 

Final Words

Do you know Procida is also known as the island of fishermen? If you walk around the island early morning, you could see several people sitting outside their houses and mending fishing nets. 

Procida features a picturesque landscape and a wonderful vibe that attracts explorers. If not Procida, then you can also visit these beautiful and breathtakingly colorful places that would make you fall in love with them more. 

Have you ever been to a place that is so vibrant and peaceful at the same time? If yes, then drop your comments. 


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