Kettuvallams: The Backwater Houseboats in Kerala are a Thing of Beauty

A state in India, Kerala, is the perfect destination to ride the backwater houseboats that are traditionally also called Kettuvallams. Know more here.

7 years ago
Kettuvallams: The Backwater Houseboats in Kerala are a Thing of Beauty

If you ever plan to visit India and wish to go on a houseboat trip, what’s better than cruising in Kerala’s backwater houseboats. From around the world, tourists visit here to appreciate the beauty and serenity of its backwaters through houseboat.

Also, here you can feel the cool breeze, natural landscapes, and spot beautiful birds and even capture them if you are an avid photographer. Cruising in a houseboat is a great way to relax and unwind yourself.

The Uniqueness of Kerala’s Backwater Houseboats

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The traditional name of these backwater houseboats is Kettuvallam. In the word Kettuvallam, ‘kettu’ means ‘tie,’ and ‘vallam’ means boat. So this boat is made by tying together pieces of wood. 

These beautiful backwater houseboats are made of bamboo poles, wooden boards, coir ropes (made from coconut fibers), and bamboo mats and carpets. The most interesting and incredible thing is that not even a single nail is used to construct these backwater houseboats.

What Should You Know about Backwater Houseboats for a Memorable Trip?

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To make your trip even more happening, stay at a resort or homestay along the backwaters.  They are well-equipped with all the important necessities. Several accommodations offer personal houseboats for overnight and sunset cruise trips. Keep in mind that the houseboat trips should take place after sunset so that fishing activity remains unperturbed.

Based on the budget you have, you can find affordable houseboats with facilities and luxuries you need. The houseboats come in different sizes with an option of the number of rooms, a deck, a kitchenette, restroom, an open lounge area, and more. An oarsman, a trained cook, and a guide are there on the houseboat to improve your experience.

Moreover, you can add these amazing backwater destinations to your bucket list as you go on your Kerala trip- 

  • Ashtamudi Backwaters
  • Alleppey Backwaters
  • Alumkadavu Backwaters
  • Thottappally Backwaters
  • Mannar Backwaters
  • Mundrothuruthu Backwaters
  • Vembanad Backwaters
  • Kuttanad Backwaters
  • Kollam Backwaters
  • Kumarakom Backwaters 
  • Fort Kochi (Cochin) Backwaters

Either one-day long or overnight, Kerala’s backwater houseboats offer a wonderful experience. You can hire a backwater houseboat for shorter or longer lengths. A 3-night trip would cover the top canals, interior villages, and more remote waterways. But a short 3-4 hour trip may not be sufficient if you want to experience rural life.

Also, when you book a houseboat trip from a travel agency, do verify that the houseboat is properly registered and classified.

Summing Up

Interestingly, when the modes of transport had not evolved, people used Kettuvallam as the main mode to transport goods from one village to another. 

These beautiful houseboats, floating on the waters of Kerala, have small canals around them that are connected to the village. Besides houseboats, several visitors to Kerala also explore its waterways or canals in smaller local boats (country boats), canoes, or even kayaks where houseboats can't go. They offer an intimate experience of the Keralan backwaters.

So plan your trip to God’s Own Country ‘Kerala’ and set yourself on a beautiful journey filled with a peaceful and delightful experience. Have fun!


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