Top 10 Largest Cities In The World By Area

It is quite difficult to figure out the exact size of the city, especially in developing countries. But the size could be well understood by the area which does have permanent human dwellings.

6 years ago
Top 10 Largest Cities In The World By Area

As such, there is no such explanation and it is still a mystery how cities were formed, but the study suggests that they were discovered after the Neolithic revolution. The revolution introduced agriculture, hunters, and people to settle down and to improve surplus crop products.

Heading to the largest cities in the world by area – there’s no such method defined to measure the area, but it can be approximately calculated by the count of the human dwellings. So here is the list detailing the world’s largest cities by area. (The rank of the cities may differ in the future years)

1) Guangzhou, China – 3173 sq km

Source = Embassynvisa

The city is much known for its annual canton fair. Guangzhou locates on the harbor of Pearl River and covers the area of 3173 sq km. It has a history of 2000 years and continues to be the transportation hub today. Do you know that Guangzhou is considered as the most expensive cities in China?

2) Sao Paulo, Brazil – Nearly 3173 sq km

Source = Layoverguide

Sao Paulo or better known for rich architectural tradition and cultural institutions, this Brazilian city measure 3173 sq km and enfolds a huge population of 20,188,000. Sao Paulo is a fascinating center of the country as it is popular for commerce and entertainment. Besides this, the city is famous for fashion week and gay pride parade.

3) Beijing, China – 3479 sq km

Source = Blogspot

With an area of approximately 3480 sq km, Beijing is also one of the largest cities in the world by area. The city has stretching history of 3 millennia, yet it entertains the tourists with its ancient sites, modern imperial palaces and grand Forbidden City complex.

4) Manila, Philippines - 4863 sq km

Source = Vizts

The city features the modern skyscrapers and Spanish colonial architecture. You must have read that Manila has faced destruction during the earlier times, but today it is the capital of Philippines. The city covers a huge area of 4863 sq km and has more than 21, 400,000 human population.

5) Shanghai, China – 6340 sq km

Source = Destination360

The city became the foremost financial hub of the Asia-Pacific region in the beginning of 1930. Shanghai has been considered as the showpiece of the fast-growing economy of China and is much recognized for its museums and Yu Garden. The city today covers 6340 sq km and is a home to 25,000,000 people in the world.

6) Jakarta, Indonesia - 6392 sq kms

Source = Indonesia

Home to 29,000,000 people around the world, Jakarta, Indonesia covers its 6392 sq km in beaches, golf courses, residences and sea world. The city is a sophisticated mix of wealth, culture, beliefs and poverty. Jakarta is further split into 5 municipalities.

7) Mexico, Mexico - 9560 sq kms

Source = Bsdconsulting

Mexico stands in between the Central America and the US. The city is well known for its exotic landscape of mountains and jungles. Mexico is an extremely populated city with a population of 20,465,000. The city covers a land area of 9560 sq km and attracts many tourists with its culture, sightseeing and eye-catching monuments. (17.1)

8) Seoul, South Korea – 10400 square km

Source = Silverkris

Seoul is the commercial and financial capital of South Korea. Like other cities in the country, Seoul also enfolds a mix of an old and new city. It offers a rich history, traditional architecture and modern planning. Seoul covers 10400 square km and is a home to more than 26,000,000 people. Have you read about the world’s largest underground mall? Yes, you guessed it right, COEX is the major attraction in Seoul.

9) Tokyo, Japan – 13500 sq km

Source = Blamethemonkey

The commercial capital of Japan, Tokyo has faced damages during WWII, but has rebuilt dynamically with the time and now offers shopping malls, sightseeing options and Japanese culture. The city is a home to more than 33,700,000 people and measures 13500 sq km with a population density of 4,400 per sq km. Tokyo is considered as the extremely populated cities in the world.

10) New York City, USA – 30671 sq km

Source = Businessinsider

New York harbors on the Hudson River and covers the area of approximately 30,000 sq km making it the largest cities in the world by area. The city has a powerful impact on fashion and art, thus it is known as the global power city. New York City offers different styles and breath-taking views of Statue of Liberty, empire state building etc. According to the study, the city is a home to 20,450,000 people. 

Note - All the figures are given in approximate count. It may differ with the geographic area based on the survey conducted at the time.


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