Mel's Hole: The Mysterious Infinite Pit Legend Debunked

The Mel’s Hole legend was baseless and it lived for a long amount of time, maddening curious minds with what lies beneath.&nbs...

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Mel's Hole: The Mysterious Infinite Pit Legend Debunked

The Mel’s Hole legend was baseless and it lived for a long amount of time, maddening curious minds with what lies beneath. 

Then came along some brilliant minded people who put the legend to a rest with their reasoning and scientific explanations which added to the possibility of the theory being a story without strong evidence.

Genesis Of The Mel’s Hole Legend

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In 1997, a man going by the name "Mel Waters" discussed the hole in a series of interviews on Coast to Coast AM talk radio. Waters did not reveal the exact location of the hole, but claimed it was within the boundaries of land he had purchased near Ellensburg, Washington. 

According to Waters, the hole had been used as the local garbage dump for generations, but showed no signs of filling up, and nothing could be heard hitting the bottom, even when dumping large items such as broken farm machinery or dead livestock.

Conjectures Surrounding The Legend

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  • Mel Water’s claimed "Uniformed people" threatened him. These same people then 
  • According to him at one point of time, he was detained by police in Tacoma, Washington, blacked out, and woke up in an alley in San Francisco with his teeth missing.
  • He found a 1943 dime that was able to dematerialize itself.
  • He discovered another bottomless hole in Nevada.
  • Black beams shot out of the Abyss, making it look like extraterrestrials attempt at contacting stars.
  • Ice lowered down the similar hole in nevada burned for months on end.
  • A sheep lowered down the similar hole in nevada came up with an alien creature embedded in it.
  • The alien creature spoke through a radio boom box. It warned that humans could destroy themselves through nuclear wars.

Similar Cases When Coast to Coast AM Featured Video Game Inspired Hoaxes

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In January 2008, the show received a call from a guy calling himself Gordon, a theoretical physicist who worked at a research facility. Gordon described some strange events that were going on at his workplace, and their work involving "portal technology", which host George Noory embraced uncritically. Video gamers recognized the story at once. 

The caller was pretending to be Gordon Freeman, the character from the video game Half-Life. Perhaps inspired by this, someone else called the show in November 2008 to relate his dream, which was the story from the game Fallout 3. 

Cases like these give all the more reason to not to trust any conjectures.

Is There A Bottomless Pit In Reality Or It’s Just A Legend

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Mel himself seems to be something of a mystery. Enthusiasts of the hole have searched public records extensively, and found nobody of that name living or voting or paying taxes in the area, found no unaccounted private property in the area, and found no property transfers that fit Mel's timeline of when he said he acquired the land. 

In short, every detail that Mel did share with Coast to Coast AM that was falsifiable, has been falsified by amateur investigators interested in finding the hole. We have to conclude that "Mel Waters" was almost certainly a fake name.

Debunkings That Declared The Mel’s Hole A Mere Legend

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In 2012, Jack Powell, a geologist with the washington state department of natural resources claimed that the Mel's hole is a legend inspired & rooted from a real similar hole which was once a mining shaft in the Ellensburg region. He knew the deepest mine shaft in the world was 12,672 feet deep and the deepest known cavern was 7,188 feet. 

The Russians drilled the deepest borehole that went down 40,230 feet in 1989 which to date remains the deepest hole there is and as ridiculous as it sounds the alleged 80,000 feet bottomless hole ran deeper than the real russian one. 

He also stated that, geologically and physically, it’s not possible for a hole to be that deep, Powell said; it would collapse into itself under the tremendous pressure and heat from the surrounding strata.

No evidence of any such sinkhole has ever been found, although some adventurers still wander near the Manastash Ridge hoping to find a supernatural, infinite pit that will bring them 15 minutes of fame like the mysterious Mel Waters. 


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