Call Your Friends from the other World!

Call Ghosts through the table :

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Siting around a table and calling ghosts is the easiest and an oldest way to get in touch with demons. . Sit near by the table with your friends and put your palms on the table in front of you and think of the ghost. After a while you will feel some vibration in the Black Mirror. Through black mirror contacting demons is the most conventional method. You have to constantly gaze in the black mirror and then imagine about the ghost youlike to make contact with.

Calling spirit with Ouija Board :

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Frequently known as the spirit board, the board is the flat surface having the numeric value ranging from 0 to 9, alphabets and letters YES , NO and GOODBYE written on it . Simply, you have to lay your finger on the face of the plank the spirit guides will help you in searching the answers to the questions.

Haunted House :

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If you are courageous enough to communicate with the ghosts, then step into the haunted house.
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