Have you ever noticed the Hidden Images in these Popular Logos?

May it be a popular company or just a new brand, the enterprise always tries to trick people in selling out their products. People buy their liked products just in the name of their brand. But have you ever noticed the brands on which you have been trusting so long  are really creative. 

Gillette -

Source = Twentytwowords
Letters G and I are perfectly cut in shapes to know the customers perfect sharpness of razors.

Sony’s Vaio-

Source = Twentytwowords
The symbol of Vaio is representing the analog and the digital signals of the world. Last two letters are symbolizing 1 and 0 and the first two are representing an analog signal.


Source = Twentytwowords
The arrow starting from letter ‘a’ is finishing at letter z symbolizing that Amazon sells everything you need.


Source = Twentytwowords
In the space between letter E and X there’s an arrow that you have missed, represents speed and precision.

Wendy’s Logo -

Source = Twentytwowords
In the Wendys Logo ‘ Mom’ word has been hidden in the collar of the girl, depicting that their cooking style is just like it has been made by Mom.
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