OMG! 5 Apartments those are really very small to live in

Have you ever thought that the house in which you are living is really very small and have you ever thought to move to some big place? If you are in this situation then this article is for you. Here is the list of 5 apartments all around the world that are very small in size and will surely make you think once again how one can live in such a small place.

100 sq feet apartment in Manhattan

The cost of this small apartment is not small as the space is. The apartment is worth around 1,110 dollar. The apartment has all the living facilities like washroom, dining room etc.

86 square feet apartment in Paris

Only 86 square feet! Can anyone really live in such a small place? But yes this this place does exist with well interior and the construction done.

60- Square feet apartment in London

An Apartment in London with all the modern amenities like sofa, wardrobe, and washroom is built in the area of just 60 square feet space.

A 16 square feet apartment!! Really?

Yes! In Hong Kong there exists a place which is just covered in 16 square feet, yet the room has bed and window to live in.

4 square feet apartment can you imagine – Hong Kong

No one can ever wonder that one can live in just a small space.
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