Omg! There is a Connection Between your Lips Shape & Personality

Soft and pink lips are everyone's dream. But have you ever thought there is a correlation between your lips shape and personality traits. Discover what your lips say about you.

Heart-molded lips:

Source = Healthylifestylezone
Individuals with heart-shaped lips are extremely sentimental and expressive, while they possess a sense of glamour. Additionally, they are highly intelligent and creative thinkers.

Thin lips:

Source = Healthylifestylezone
Women with thin lips are very determined and have a tendency to be overachievers. Additionally they are incredibly caring and delicate beings.

Wide lips:

Source = Healthylifestylezone
People with wide lips possess leadership qualities. They look for perfection in their work and lives.

Round lips:

Source = Healthylifestylezone
Ladies with round lips are straightforward, certain and do not hesitate to take risks. Possessing attractive personality they are always ready for a good adventure.
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