This Company Will Pay You To Quit Your Job & Share Your Travel Moments

Everyone has a dream destination in their mind. We all have wanted to travel there but couldn’t because of some or the other reasons. And it’s not even easy to get time out of your daily routine that requires you to meet targets, deadlines and impress your superiors in the hope of receiving bonus. But your unfulfilled dream travel does not stop gnawing at you. It stays at the back of your mind. You may want to expect certain leaves from your office but you know that’s not possible. 

Well, turns out that a cruise company is willing to give you that opportunity.

The only requirement is to post your travel picture on Instagram

What’s better than this? This company will be paying you for quitting your job, travel the world and post those pictures on Instagram. We are talking about Royal Carribean. It calls out for people to pursue their three weeks internship program. Successful candidates basically need to document their adventure daily on Instagram. They will be traveling through different destination including New York, Caribbean Asia and the Mediterranean.

Sailing in the magnificent oceans of the world

It goes for three weeks, starting from June this year. To me, it feels like quitting the job at the moment. But wait, they have some strict criteria to be followed.

Source = Royal Carribean

Practically, every individual is qualified for this job. You only need to record the extraordinary moments, experiences and stories and share them via Instagram, and I guess we always have been doing this. You only need to be at least 21 years old.

So, what are you thinking? Hurry up! Sort out your best travel picture or go out for new adventure because the applications close on January 31. 

Who knows? Very soon you could be toasting to a good life while resting at one of the most exotic destinations of the world.

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