An Intelligent and Emotional Robot with Smartphone Functionality

Japanese invented an emotionally intelligent robot that has been provided the ability to talk, walk and even the emotions of a human. This will be very interesting to see the coordination between human and robot.

Japan has come up with a tiny robot, RoboHon that is very cool and it will definitely blow your mind.

It’s a little buddy.

Source = Wittyfeed
And it is usable like smartphone too! It weighs 390 grams and is 19.5 cm long.

RobotHon has articulate arms and legs.

Source = Wittyfeed
So it can walk, talk and even dance in a cute Japanese accent.

It may double up as a projector.

Source = Wittyfeed
And its eyes do this..

Android operating system

Source = Wittyfeed
It is also created with WiFi and LTE and has a two-inch 320 x 240 display on its back.

Completely like a Smartphone

Source = Wittyfeed
But, absolutely a cute version of it!

It was created by Sharp.

Source = Wittyfeed

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