Cool Devices From CSE That Always Redefines Its Technology

The CES surprises its users every year with trendy gadgets, they may be far behind from making a home on mars, but they are definitely way ahead in the world of Technology. You can show the list of CES attractions you cannot protest your hands to.

If everything goes right soon, you will be having all the devices by Batman.

BMW self parking car

It is definitely a car; most of the people want self driving and even arrives with an app for the watch that allows you to only send a command like Batmobile to obtain to your vehicle remotely.

Tonino Lamborghini’s 6,000 $ phone

Samsung 8k glassless 3D TV

World’s biggest 8k TV of Samsung and do you want it in your home?

The Rocket man

Why walk when you have rocket skates.

The sling TV

Sling TV “The Internet TV” that will definitely cut your cable.

LG flex 2

The 3D Food Printed

Foodini’ machine allows you print edible pizza, burgers, chocolate in shape and taste.

300 $ android game controller

Sony’s Android Walkman

This walkman is priced at a $1,119.99. This is the best purchase at this price.

Virtual reality

Razer’s open source virtual reality platform pretty cool right!
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