How Many iphones Can Stop an AK-74 Bullet? Unbelievable!

Most of the people have seen various iPhone related videos in past where they are ruined by guns only to entertain the audiences. But do you know how powerful an iPhone is? They not only entertain you, but they can also save your life from an AK-74 bullet..

You will be surprised? Yes, it happens, a YouTube video has proved it.

So, can an iPhone save your life?

Or do you know how many iPhones you need to protect your body from a bullet?

Source = Coub

This guy has a steal proof bullet

Source = Blitzquotidiano

And when he shoots..

Source = Dailymail

You find the answer to this question

Source = Kumarkachhadiya
You require 5 iPhones to protect yourself And the time of shooting again it reaches to the 6th one Overall you require six iPhones to save your life

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