Monitor your dog’s activity and safety with Buddy collar

Buddy is completely integrated LED dog collar that is linking human beings to their dogs like never before.

Buddy dog collar

Pet ownership is a large responsibility; therefore Buddy provides you peace of mind and confidence through monitoring your dog’s activity by tracking their locations in real-time by the use of GPS. So that you know where and what they are up to at the hit of a button.

Buddy uses high-output reliable LED lighting technology. It keeps your dog brightened and visible from probable crashes, whether it’s with cars, cyclists, pedestrians or other dangerous harms.

Amazing feathers that coerced you for buying it:


LED RGB Lighting

lighting effect of buddy

Light sensor

GPS tracking

GPS tracking

14 Days battery life

100% waterproof

Tough and durable

Temperature sensor

temperature sensore

WiFi charging dock

Bluetooth connectivity


Activity monitoring

Activity monitoring

Food scanner

Secure Geofencing


Health statistics

Social alert

Home automation

Through clever design and modernization, Buddy now switches all of your existing gadgets and collars by merging them into one stylish and convenient package. Pet safety was never so advanced and easy.

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