SME (Small & Medium Enterprise): The Biggest launching of Facebook Ever

Facebook declared a council for various small and medium industries in India. Social media giant Facebook which has over two millions of Small and Medium Indian Businesses (SMBs) on one platform with over 45 millions of small businesses dynamically utilizing Facebook pages to connect their clients that has organized this SME (Small & Medium Enterprise) Council to help small projects from multiple industries share their feedback and discuss new ideas around leveraging technology to enhance their enterprise.

It’s the second SME council that is set up by Facebook in the world. The first SME council is set up in United States.

Benefits of SME Council in India

  • One platform for millions of smart and medium businesses
  • Connects multiple users over the Globe
  • Help small ventures from multiple industries
  • Grow their enterprise by giving feedbacks and discuss their thought

Small businesses are the backbone of the Indian economy. From kirana (small departmental shops) to restaurants and online clothing websites, these professions make the economic growth, create new jobs and develop the lives of people across the country. Small and medium ventures drive 40% of India's exports.

Worldwide Facebook has 1.55 billion visitors with India, which is offering the second-largest base after the US. Over the 138 million of people on Facebook in India, there are more than half linked to at least one small industry in the country.

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